Artsy Jewellery With A Modern Twist!

Artsy Jewellery With A Modern Twist!

No look or ensemble is complete without a piece of jewellery in it. This season, edgy and ultra modern designs with a touch of ethnic chic style is the trend to follow and invest on. @g-g-jewellery-coimbatore# has the perfect mix of modern and traditional designs of exclusively handcrafted jewellery.

Nature inspired designs-

Nature provides the perfect inspiration for artisans and craftsmen. Designs with flowers, leaves and traditional animals such as peacocks and swans (annapakshi) are timeless and never go out of style!

The turquoise studded flower petals and the red enamel leaves make a perfect neck piece that will go with your western and traditional clothes. The pearl adds a touch of class to this nature-inspired piece.

The cascade of tiny gold leaves creates a stunning necklace that can be passed on to the next generation as an heirloom piece. The ruby and emerald stones along with the pearl create the perfect lining for this statement piece.

Pearls are elegant and never go out of style. When combined with ethnic red and turquoise flower motifs, they create chic statement jewelry.

The brown precious stone along with the gold flowers tinted with pink and green enamel is the delightful blend of ethnic and edgy jewelry.

The neck cuff with the traditional flower designs made with pearls, rubies and emerald is a show stopper!

These two master pieces are unique designs carefully curated with multi-stone flower motifs and enamel leaves.

The turquoise and navy blue enamel used on these gold motifs is an out of the box idea. The dangling pearls and the small rubies add a touch of rhythm through the gemstone that blends with the colours of the enamel.

The colour play used in this exquisite necklace is the epitome of modernity. The use of pastel peach and multi colour enamel on leaves elevates the entire look.

Peacock still remains the favourite bird to adorn jewellery designs. This piece is a jaw dropper and uses the right amount of enamel designs on gold.

Geometric designs

The symmetry and geometrical figures used in these jewels make them the ultra trendy and most sought after designs. Here are a few designs that use geometry and aesthetics effortlessly.

Here is a piece of traditional jewelry that has perfect symmetry and use of contemporary designs like heart and inverted spades.

The hexagonal designs on this neck piece along with traditional mango design in the center makes it the perfect mix of yesteryear design with today’s trend.

The use of blue enamel on well molded and dull gold exuberates regality and class. The dangling pearl makes the whole piece opulent.

Triangles are shapes that create harmony and bring balance to any design. Using it along with enamel and dangling rubies make it a splendid piece.

Triangle gold links in combination with stones, enamels and pearls, create a brilliant and stunning design! The circular center piece is an added touch of asymmetry which creates an excitable imbalance.

The black enamel on fine yellow gold enhances the look of the neck piece to the next level. The use of little flowers studded with ruby, emerald and pearls complement the delightful design.