Be The Queen Of Mahismathi - Get Ready For The Ultimate Baahubali Makeover! - Part 2

Be The Queen Of Mahismathi - Get Ready For The Ultimate Baahubali Makeover! - Part 2

Here's part 2 of yesterday's Baahubali special. Hope you liked what the royalness of Mahismathi wore - The necklaces, earrings, nethi chutti ( tikka ) and nose pins. Today we have bangles, bracelets, anklets, armlets and rings! The magnificent job by Amrapali is sure to leave you flabbergasted too! Want to flaunt this look on your wedding? Shop away!

You can read part 1 here.

Bangles and Bracelets

Bangles in India are symbols of prosperity and happy matrimony. These grand looking bangles are sure to steal your heart!

Silver Gold Plated Textured Bold Bangle Rs. 12,400. Bold silver gold plated star textured bangle.

Silver Gold Plated Rawa Textured Bangle Rs. 5,400. Bold silver gold plated rawa textured bangle.

Silver Gold Plated Ball Cluster Fan Motif Bangle Rs. 4,900. Detailed silver gold plated fan motif textured bangle with metal ball drops.

Silver Gold Plated Multi Glass Cluster Enamelled Bangle Rs. 13,000. Stunning silver gold plated multi glass cluster enamelled bangle with crystals and pearls.

Silver Gold Plated Multi Glass Pearl Tassel Bracelet Rs. 11,000. Colorful silver gold plated tassel pear motif braclet beautified with multi colored glass, pearls and white crystals.

Silver Gold Plated Pearl Cluster Charm Drop Bangle Rs. 14,000. Beautifully crafted siver gold plated pearl culster charm drop bangle.

Silver Gold Plated Floral Bead Pink Bangle Rs. 10,150. Simply beautiful silver gold plated floral bead bangle adorned with pink glass.

Silver Gold Plated Multi Stone Cluster Enamelled Pear Cuff Rs. 11,500. Beautifully handcrafted silver gold plated multi stone cluster enamelled pear cuff adorned with white crystals.


Anklets and toe rings

Ethnic Baahubali inspired anklets to beautify your pretty little feet.

Silver Gold Plated Interlinked Multi Floral Anklet Rs. 16,700. Stunning silver gold plated interlinked mult floral anklet.

Silver Gold Plated Enamelled Floral Glass Interlinked Anklet Rs. 39,500. Exquisite silver gold plated enamelled floral interlinked detailed anklet adorned with dazzling crystals, glass and pearls.

Silver Gold Plated Floral Crystal Enamelled Toe Ring Rs. 14,500. Exquisite silver gold plated floral crystal studded enamelled toe rings adorned with glass and pearl clusters.

Silver Gold Plated Leafy Crystal Pearl Toe Ring Rs. 2,700. Beautiful silver gold plated leafy toe ring studded with citrine and pearl.



Why leave your fingers behind? We have ornaments for them too!

Silver Gold Plated Crystal Pearl Floral Chakra Ring Rs. 4,900. Glamorous silver gold plated crystal studded chakra motif ring adorned with pearl.

Silver Gold Plated Enamelled Fan Cluster Ring Rs. 2,100. Detailed silver gold plated enamelled fan motif glass and pearl cluster ring.

Silver Gold Plated Tassel Ball Droplet Ring Rs. 1,800. Galmorous silver gold plated tassel ball droplet adjustable ring.

Silver Gold Plated Lotus Stacking Rings Rs. 1,900. Simple yet alluring silver gold plated lotus motif adjustable stacking rings.

Silver Gold Plated Pearl Bead Ring Rs. 850. Simple silver gold plated pearl bead adjustable ring.

Silver Gold Tiara Motif Pearl Knuckle Ring Rs. 1,800. Beautiful silver gold plated tiara motif knuckle ring with pearls

Silver Gold Plated Leafy Citrine Pearl Drop Stacking Rings Rs. 2,500. Charming silver gold plated leafy citrine studded adjustable stacking rings with pearl drops.

Silver Gold Plated Rawa Floral Stacking Rings Rs. 2,900. Beautiful gold plated floral rawa adjustable stacking rings.