Beaded Jewels- A Real Piece of Heritage!

Beaded Jewels- A Real Piece of Heritage!

Fashion trends have brought in many unique creations over the years. One of the most loved, widely accepted tried and tested trends has been beaded jewellery! This particular style has undergone so many variations- right from using precious beads to semi-precious beads apeing the same qualities of the former to increase the affordability of buyers. There are so many different beads on the market being used for creating unique pieces of beaded jewellery. Some of the prominent beads used in the industry are- agate, amber, emerald, moonstone, onyx, rhodochrosite,  serpentine, zircon. 

Even textures and finish of the beads matter- right from matte, opaque, galvanised to transparent, lustrous, fire polish and even the famous Ceylon finish. These can be styled according to the idea of the final look we are going for. Some people wear gemstone beads because of their deep belief in the effect of birthstones on us. Beads come in so many different varieties and are super versatile. They can be paired with enamel work, gold, silver, terracotta, etc.

Scroll down to check some of the gorgeous creations of beaded jewellery!


These beautiful pink beads are used in combination with kundan and enamel meenakari work, making it a work of art!


We are in love with this piece! So many different layers of these tiny grey beads, give it an absolutely royal look, fit for a queen! The pearls to go with are the icing on the cake.


These beads are an absolute favourite, given the number of colours they go well with! Clearly, kundan + beads is always a heady combination. 

We have always admired the combination of enamel meenakari work with pearls and kundan and this piece sure takes it to a whole new level!


Multiple layering of pearls with polki? YES YES YES!


A pearl choker with beaded danglers? Sign us up for it! We are in love with this stunning piece, especially with the unique pendant that holds the piece together!

Yet another manifestation of the deadly combination of using beads with meenakari and pearls!


This blue-green hue is the stuff of dreams! And to think that this is available in its raw form is absolutely mind-numbing! The rawness of the enamel work on this piece is just gorgeous!