Coimbatores’ First Ever Premium Luxury Boutique - Ocean Jasper Is Here!

Coimbatores’ First Ever Premium Luxury Boutique - Ocean Jasper Is Here!

We at Shopzters love talking to budding designers! Their stories are amazing to hear and the passion for their work is pretty clear in their voices. We recently got in touch with Rekeetha Gaddaffi from Ocean Jasper and had a small session to get all the details from her. She is opening a Luxury Boutique right here in Coimbatore! The launch of the store is on Thursday – 24 Nov, 2016 and we are super excited to know that Actress Sneha is the chief guest and our very own Jaya Mahesh, the winner of  the Mrs. India Earth title,  is modelling for the brand! So here are all the things you need to know before heading to Ocean Jasper to have a peek!

Ocean Jasper – That's a very different name! Could you please tell us why you chose that name?

Well, there is a reason due why we chose this name. Ocean Jasper is a gemstone. What makes it different from other Gemstones is that, others have particular colours, but an Ocean Jasper has a myriad  colours! It blends with any colour palette, as it has a little of everything! Similarly, we customize clothes for every bride, in a colour of her choice, for every occasion. So we chose to name our brand – Ocean Jasper


Do you have prior experience working as a designer?

Not really. As soon as I did my B.Sc in CDF – which is Costume Design and Fashion, I got married. Then I had a 4 year break wherein I had my first baby. He is now 2 years old. So I felt now would be the correct time to follow my passion. So I started it. I never had designing work experience before this. I have always loved designer clothes, and that helped.



Before I began Ocean Jasper, I used to actively provide suggestions and ideas to my cousins, friends and other relatives on what they should wear, the colour or the type of blouse, the cut. It all started from there! So I thought of starting a boutique of my own!


So you started off designing clothes for your inner circle?

Yes I did. That is how it began, as I said. I was born and brought up in Coimbatore, so I always wanted a boutique in Coimbatore and I am planning to have branches in Chennai and Hyderabad. Though we have other businesses, (Arasan group of companies is owned by my husband)  I am very passionate about clothing and designing in particular and so I wanted to start a premium luxury brand in Coimbatore.


Why did you choose premium luxury wear? Is there a reason for that?

When I wanted to shop for myself or my family members, we always had to travel to Chennai or Bangalore. That was when I thought, ‘why not open one here?’ in Coimbatore. The  people of Coimbatore are open to spending money on clothes and hence I wanted to open one here. Of course, there are many boutiques in Coimbatore but I wanted to own a premium luxury boutique here. Actually, mine is more of a Couture than a boutique.


Who are your target audience?

Of course, the brides and bridesmaids.


What can they expect?

They can expect the same design and quality they might get from a high end boutique say at Mumbai or Delhi right here in Coimbatore! Our aim is to make sure our brides don’t have to travel to other cities. We want them to say confidently that there is a designer at Coimbatore itself, who can take care of our needs! We concentrate on Anarkalis, Lehengas and 100% pure Kanchi Pattu.

Could you tell us your price range?

Our price ranges from 2.5k to 2.5 lakhs. For brides, it starts from 12.5k onwards. I can guarantee that the stuff you get here would be sold for double its price outside. We want to provide good designer stuff for our brides for a very good price. We can do everything, from blouses to anarkalis for brides and bridesmaids at our boutique.


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