Experiment With The Winged Eyeliner!

Experiment With The Winged Eyeliner!

Celebs all around the world have been seen sporting this retro look. From Kareena Kapoor to Deepika and even Kim Kadarshian. So what's holding you back? We bring to you easy types of winged eyeliners, for different occasions. There are looks in-between the dramatic and the simple, we give you options so you can pick according to your everyday needs. However, one standard necessity for all the types is a thick coat of mascara without which this look would be incomplete. It could be work, a tea party or even your wedding day, you can customise this look for your event.


Simply Beautiful: This is simply your thin basic black eyeliner, which is extended a little on the outside to form a slight wing. You must keep the line on your eyelid thin and dark, make sure the end of your wing is sharp. Your wing should be short and be sure that it doesn't cross the eye socket. It is good for your everyday wear to work and brunches.


Dramatic Best: If you think you're bold enough to accentuate your eyes a little more or if the occasion demands for it, try the thicker version of a winged eyeliner. Your upper eyelid could have a thick line of eyeliner that will wing outside, it must cover almost half of your eyelid. Accompany this with kajal or eyeliner on your lower lid as well. The strokes from your upper and lower eyelid must merge into the sharp wing to give it a very Arabian touch.


Wing It Twice: Now this is a look that must be strictly reserved for special events and fancy gatherings. Kim Kadarshian's personal favourite, this type has two wings instead of one. Similar to the thick eyeliner, you must use eyeliner on both your lower and upper eyelids. However, the two strokes mustn't meet to form one wing. They form two separate wings when drawn outward and meet on the inner side of your eye. This form of eyeliner might take a little practice to be perfect but it is surely worth it.

Double Wing

Add A Metallic Sheen: This is for all our newly web brides or to-be ones. It's dressy and yet very classy and can be customised to match your outfit. You can add a silver or golden eye shadow to your eyeliner. Try experimenting with the types of winged eyeliners as well, don't just stick to single wing. Add the double wing black eyeliner to a golden eye shadow and your eye make-up will set you apart.


Colour It Up: It's simple and doesn't require you to learn anything new. Just replace your black eyeliner with a coloured one depending on your skin tone. Don't go for bright colours if the event is formal, go for a deep brown or navy blue. You can pair your coloured eyeliner with appropriate yet subtle eye shadow. If you are planning on a double winged eyeliner then you can use two different complementing colours like navy blue and black or golden and black on your upper and lower eyelid. Try avoiding eye shadow though, minimal is the key to this look.