Floral Whites Are In This Season!

Floral Whites Are In This Season!

What can be a better look for your wedding day than a pretty, flowy, floral lehenga? They look elegant, classy and add the pretty twist of colour in the form of floral prints that are hot this season. Here are some inspirations that will leave you wanting to grab a white or beige floral lehenga!

 Overall Monotones with Motifs-

The safest way to adorn these pretty florals are to chose a neutral palette like white, off white or blush and stick with it in the blouse and dupatta too. They look exotic with beautiful big or small floral motifs and are a timeless and classy combination that will never go out of style.


The Bold Complementing Colour-

If you are open to experimenting with the floral style, here is an interesting option for you! Choose a neutral palette with the ever pretty floral motifs and add a twist by adding a bold complementing colour in the blouse and a matching or a contrast bright dupatta. It is an interesting way to stand out and look your best on your D-day!

Adding a Matching Standout-

The best way to style neutral florals is to wear a matching colour from your ensemble and adding it to your dress. It would work well when a pink or green from your motif is added either in the blouse or the veil of your bridal dress. It would look stylish and classy at the same time.