Gorgeous Blouses In Every Shade To Go With Your Sarees!

Gorgeous Blouses In Every Shade To Go With Your Sarees!

Blouses are of paramount importance and add so much beauty to a saree ensemble. They totally elevate the entire look and have the potential to turn even a dull boring saree into an absolute fashion statement! Brides today spend even up to a lakh or more designing their perfect wedding blouse for their big day. There is a common misconception that the more embellishments there are, the more grandeur it adds to the outfit. But sometimes, less is more. So many sarees out there are already very grand and adding more embroidery and embellishments to the blouse, will only make it look gaudy and out of place. So, it's really all about the correct balance. Here are a couple of beautiful blouses by @niaa-boutique# which have achieved this fine balance! Scroll down to check them out!


These blue blouses are GOALS! We are loving the variety of mirror work, embroidery, sequin work and embellishments in these beautiful blouses. You can pair the royal blue ones with yellow, red sarees and have a plethora of options like hot pink, pastel powder pink or even coral shades to pair the turquoise saree with!






These beautiful green blouses are super versatile and look lovely when paired with red, gold, yellow, pink or even orange sarees! Embellishments can even be done on brocade material like our very first blouse here. Also, love the use of kaasumani here to deck up the blouse.





Pink is a beautifully feminine colour! It ranges from powder pink with pastel hues to the famous hot pink and magenta! It can be paired with all kinds of colours- popularly green, yellow, gold, silver, or even blue! Check out these pretty blouses which you need in your wardrobe right now!





Red- the most favourite pick for us Indians! It has always been a very auspicious traditional colour and is the colour most often picked by our brides. It can be paired with hues of orange, gold, yellow, blue or even green. We love a bold outfit with strong colours!