How To Be Effortlessly Beautiful With A Single Piece of Heavy Jewellery!

How To Be Effortlessly Beautiful With A Single Piece of Heavy Jewellery!

We love layering different pieces of accessories to create a great look! But if you are someone who loves fashion statements and likes to go bold, then choose just a single piece of heavy jewellery and you're all ready to be the showstopper. It's super easy to just pick one accessory than a hundred, which you have to make sure go well with each other AND it is effortless style. Hence, it is a win-win! These pieces can either be diamonds or gold or even a unique blend of different precious or semi-precious stones. The objective is to keep the look unique and to make a fashion statement on your big day! Scroll down to check out the best single pieces of heavy jewellery we spotted on our real brides!


We love this Telugu bride's beautiful Diamond neckpiece with encrusted emeralds!


Isn't she a beauty, with her beautiful rubies shining through her diamonds?


We cannot get enough of either this bride or her jewellery! We love how her necklace fans out, creating a look of even more grandeur and class!


This necklace is unique giving it the look of a multi-layered neckpiece but it really is just a combination of different patterns! 


This one sure is unique! You definitely cannot miss the HUGE pendant on this one with all the precious stones, set in gold!


How unique is this neckpiece with the multiple small pendants interlinked to create a big necklace with a big statement pendant!


This neckpiece is a combination of multiple styles and stones! There are small pearls, green luminescent beads, a choker, small gold droplets- literally everything packed into one beautiful necklace!


This is a neckpiece that we definitely thought was layered because of all the different patterns but we love how it combines the look of a choker and a pendant necklace together!


We love this gorgeous emerald encrusted necklace that Andrea is spotted sporting! It's a short haaram with lots of minute details that we cannot take our eyes off of her!


This extremely heavy choker is every bride's dream, given how slender it makes her neck look, while artfully framing her face! The contrasting green beads look so beautiful on this bride!

All the above photographers are sourced from Instagram/Pinterest