How To Keep Kids Entertained At Weddings?

How To Keep Kids Entertained At Weddings?

There is a saying that goes like this: Where the kids are involved, the unexpected always happen! Errrrmmmm... Or was it something else? Whatever... you get the flow, right? The last thing you want on your wedding is a crowd of stressed out, panicky parents who are worried that their little ones might get bored, go insane or run riot. So, what are your plans for keeping the little guests engaged to ensure that the ceremony goes without a glitch? Not decided yet! Let's give you a few ideas:


While entertaining kids can be a daunting task, the answer could not be simpler than a box of crayons and white papers. Have a separate kid's area that is fun and looks like fun, too. Stack tables full of crayons and papers. Wanna make it more interesting? Add chocolates and candies to suck on if they get tired of colours.

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What better way to distract a child than a table full of cupcakes, pop-corns, marshmallows and cake pops? Keep it colourful and keep it interesting!

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Too many little princesses ready in their gowns for the party? Too many princes ready to fight the dragons? Make the day get extra special for the little maidens and soldiers. Have a themed table decor to welcome them into the magical kingdom. Just one rule though: No adults allowed!


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How about making the entire wedding event a saga of bubbles for the tiny guests? Place baskets of bubbles in various corners of the venue. Let the kids have fun seeking it. The prize would be even sweeter! After all, which kid doesn't get mesmerized by bubbles of all things? So, up for some treasure hunt? You bet!


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Goody bags filled with activity sheets and fun colouring placemats can keep the little ones engaged for a very, very long time. Your only worry would be: why are the kids so silent??? If the nadaswaram is louder than bored squeals which could be a really concerning issue for an adult, remember to relax and allow yourself to bask in that glory and peace while you can. Everything's well!


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Photo: Ankit Bhargava


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There could be more than one ways to engage the little guests. Hula hoops, kites, movie rooms, piatas, mascots, skipping ropes, treasure hunts, magicians or an area full of board games and crafty tit-bits are some of the other great options you can choose from. So have a fab day while the tantrums takes care of itself!