Jewellery Wonders That Will Leave You Spell-bound!

Jewellery Wonders That Will Leave You Spell-bound!

Wedding have always been synonymous with jewelry. Jewelry are not mere decoration to adorn the bride but they speak of tradition, the rich history and culture of the country. Like the melting pot that India is, fashion jewelry is also a mélange of styles, stones and craftsmanship that is more than just a decoration on a bride or groom. @the-amethyst-store# carries such jewelry, which is carefully curated and designed, retaining the authenticity of the traditional and only using 92.5 authentic silver for their jewelry.

Ethnic Stone Jewelry

The traditional stone jewelry of south India is the Kemp style temple jewelry embellished with ruby, emerald and white semi precious and precious stone. The other famous jewelry is necklaces embedded with kundan and other precious stones like coral, pearl, diamonds, emeralds, cat’s eye etc. Here are a few beautiful designs by Amethyst store that are traditional stone jewelry.

Silver Wonder

The charm of silver jewelry makes them a favourite among modern women. They are classy and chic and go along with both traditional and modern ensembles. Here are a few silver necklaces embellished with stones which are timeless pieces that any women will be proud to own.


The most popular necklace design in recent times is the Guttapusalu. Gutta in Telugu means “a bank of small fish”, and Pusalu means “beads”. Set with rubies, emeralds, and white stones, these necklaces are fringed with bunches of small pearls. The Guttapusalu originated in areas close to the ancient pearl fisheries along the Coromandel coast. Here are a few designs from Amethyst store to inspire you!