Nethi Chuttis That Are Trending This Season!

Nethi Chuttis That Are Trending This Season!

A bridal look cannot be complete without the perfect accessories to go with the dress. One piece of bridal accessory that accentuates the face and hair is maang tikka or nethi chutti. Here are a few styles that are hot this season!

Borla Type Nethi Chutti-

These are the traditional Rajasthan style maang tikkas, which are pretty and minimal. They go well with brides whose faces are round and who choose to have a center-parting in the hair. These are usually decorated with kundan and coloured stones and can be worn with side chain tiers to contour the face.


Single Strand Nethi Chutti-

The single strand nethi chuttis have a central pendant that falls on the middle of the forehead while the single strand that is embellished adorn the two sides of the bride’s hairline. These enhance the festive look of the bride and make her look stunning! Another set of accessories- circular shaped and half moon shaped are added on south Indian brides called chandiran and suriyan.


Multi Tiered Nethi Chutti-

When multiple strands of layers like embellished stones, gold and pearls are added to the central pendant of the nethi chutti, they make it look more elegant and eye-catching. It helps frame the face and lifts the whole look of the bride. They are the most sought after this season.