One Could Go Round The World For Love!! – Rea And Sathish’s Lovely Wedding Story

Manoj Sasidharan, A dynamic photographer from Chennai shares his lovely experience of photographing the pretty couple Rea and Sathish where the bride Rea is a German and the groom Sathish is an Indian.

Documenting a temple wedding would be one of the most competitive tasks for a photographer that too with two other weddings happening side by side!

'Last month I got an amazing opportunity to shoot a beautiful cross culture wedding (German bride + Indian Groom) in the Temple city Kancheepuram. I must say it was a lot of fun!! Watching Rea doing all the rituals which was totally new to her and Sathish patiently helping her out with love is like watching a live romantic movie!

New clothes, New tradition, New people, New country, New time zone and New climate, coming all the way from Germany to India to be with new people is something only love can do. Rea is so pretty and seems to be very comfortable with the traditional bridal attire! I wish the beautiful couple an amazing life ahead. Now check out the all the cute rituals and interactions!

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