Our Vision, Our Dream- The Help-a-Bride Initiative

Our Vision, Our Dream- The Help-a-Bride Initiative

Imagine a beautiful young woman, she’s a teacher. She is soon to tie the knot and she is on cloud nine. Are you picturing a beautiful ceremony, designer ensemble, exquisite blooms, state-of-the-art makeup breathtaking jewelry and loads of joy? Well what if we told you that this wedding will go down without any planning, preparation or joy.

The wedding preparations require funds but Priyanka’s present condition doesn’t allow for the wedding of her dreams. At such a young age Priyanka has taken the responsibility of her family on her own shoulders. In the absence of her father she is the sole breadwinner for the family.

Priyanka’s story reached Shopzters, and something incredible happened. Under the ‘Help-a-Bride’ initiative team Shopzters accepted the responsibility of arranging a beautiful wedding for Priyanka. From dress to decor, from jewelry to photography, from makeup to planning the wonderful vendors associated with Shopzters pitched in to give her a wedding of dreams.

Tying the knot and hosting a beautiful wedding ceremony could have been a huge expense, however with the support of these vendors every wish she had turned into reality, and how!

Padma Varadaraj the renowned make up maestro waved her magic wand and turned Priyanka into a stunning princess. Ace designer Dasari Parvathi offered a Kancheepuram silk saree for the Reception and the exclusive blouse was a special creation by Anya. The chic saree blouse combo was as spectacular as the bride donning it. Priyanka shines like a goddess in the exquisite jewels by Queens Jewel Emporium. Colour Pencil Décor went all out to craft a beautiful backdrop that is featured in every picture. Photography for both wedding and reception was done by Vijay Eesam and words may fall short in the praise of every short that captures this radiant couple’s hopes and dreams for a bright future and a blissful life.

Had it not been for the vendor’s support this joyous occasion might have become a burden by the distress and worry over money and bills.

The ‘Help-a-Bride’ initiative intends to make a real difference in the lives of many others like Priyanka. It is through this help that Priyanka was able to enjoy her wedding preparations. She got married with dignity and joy and that’s one of the greatest gifts in life.