Recreating The Look Of Devasena From Baahubali 2!

Recreating The Look Of Devasena From Baahubali 2!

Being a princess is every little girl’s dream. What about being The Queen? Become Queen Devesena for a day! Amrapali’s Baahubali collection is made out of silver. The designs are so unique that even someone who isn’t a Baahubali fan (do they exist?) will love to get their hands on this jewellery! View the whole set of jewellery here and here! 


Let’s begin from the top. This netthi chutti or maang tikka with its elaborate design is an amazing piece of jewellery that you simply don’t want to miss! Get this Silver Gold Plated Enamelled Floral Crystal Pearl Maangtika With Clips for just Rs 32,000.


A pair of these humungous earrings will NOT fail to create an impression. Make these beautifully handcrafted silver gold plated fan floral enamelled long earrings bejeweled with multi colored crystals and pearls yours for Rs 31,000.


This necklace is a revealation to jewellery design! This Silver Gold Plated Tulip Enamelled Multi Cystal Necklace comes at Rs 78,000.


It’s hard to forget a woman wearing something so exquisite! Beautifully handcrafted silver gold plated enamelled garden necklace bejeweled with white crystals, multi colored glass droplets. The blue tulip motifs add beauty to this necklace. Own it for Rs 125,000.