Sparkle Like You Mean It!

Sparkle Like You Mean It!

When you take special care to wear the right jewellery to your friend’s or your cousin’s wedding, and be extremely choosy about every little accessory including matching or contrasting footwear to go with your outfit, then  it stands to reason that you’d want your wedding trousseau to be stellar. But picking out diamonds or any other jewels to match every attire you have picked for the various occasions may not be pocket-friendly.  

And so that’s why rentals have become a popular choice while choosing your jewellery for your big day. Plus, you could try different styles and different looks for different ceremonies at your wedding.  

1.      American Diamond Set: These chokers, necklace and long chain with matching earrings and/or Maang Tikka will wink and shine; it goes with any indo-western outfit even traditional attire that you choose to wear, and they are without a doubt a show stopper. And when it comes right down to it, that’s all that matters.

2.      Kemp Set: These traditional sets of pirai nila, long chain and drops of ruby imitation etched into necklaces and big fat pendants, earrings, danglers, even matching hair accessories for the jadai, will make the bride look like an incarnation of a divine goddess if not they turn every inch of the bride into a classy South-Indian mami. But younger and gorgeous. 

3.      Kundan Jewellery: Kundan sets are all the rage now. It makes the bride look regal, classy, sophisticated. It gives off an iconic princess-warrior look to the bride which is perfect and it sets a statement.

4.      Nagas Jewellery Set: If you prefer jewellery which depicts goddesses and deities to make it auspicious and symbolic, then take a look at this divine collection.  

5.      Plain Jewellery Set: These traditional accessories can match most of your grand ethnic outfits and give you a goddess of wealth incarnate look which is what most families expect from their brides. The abstract designs and patterns can be quite an attention seeker.