The Creative Movie Poster Photo Shoot By Vinod Kumar Photography!

The Creative Movie Poster Photo Shoot By Vinod Kumar Photography!

Movies are probably the biggest sources of inspiration for a lot of photographers, but here we have one Photographer, who got inspired by another Photographer, who in turn was inspired by Movies! Phew! Confusing? Well, read on and get it cleared! Here we have Vinod from @vinodkumar-photography#, taking us through the process of creating a Movie Poster Photoshoot for his Couple.

Hello Vinod! Thank you for taking the time for us!

The pleasure is all mine! This shoot was done over 2 years back, and just talking about it is bringing back all the memories. So thanks to you guys for doing this.

What inspired you to do this Vinod? What was your source of inspiration?

My clients wanted something different. They did not want the usual Outdoor shoot, so I went online and did a lot of research. That was when I found a similar shoot done by Amar Ramesh. I have always been inspired by him, and so I pitched this idea to my couple.


How did the couple react?

They were surprised with the idea, the bride was a little shy but the groom was totally enthusiastic. They wanted to give it a try so we went ahead with the shoot. The thing was, during the shoot, the pictures captured were on a plain background. So they were not sure how it would look in the end, but it came out great after all the edits were done. They loved it!


How did you choose the movie posters? Why those movies?

Since it was the first time I was going to do such a shoot, I did not want to experiment too much. I was looking for posters that are comparatively simpler so that even the couple was comfortable. Their comfort was the most important thing. I chose the posters accordingly. The movies are

Two States

Solo – A Telugu Movie

Kotha Janta – Another Telugu Movie

Sakhi – It is the Telugu Remake of Alaipayuthe

We actually had two posters of 2 States that we wanted to do. The family portrait poster as well. That is why in the images shared, you will see that the bride has a red Lehenga on. Well, when we tried doing that shot, the power went off, and we could not take it. The shots we did, did not have proper lighting, so I scrapped it.


How hard was the editing work for this?

That was not easy, I must say. As I said, this happened a few years ago, so at that time, it was just me and a few others. So I had no one to do the editing. I had to do everything. I googled every single image needed to make the poster complete. For every poster I made, all I had was the couples picture. So every other element had to be searched for and edited. It was a huge learning experience. I pushed myself and learnt so much about editing just for that one shoot. It was hard work, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. All in all, the editing work went for about 15 days. It was done and all of us were very happy with the results.


How do you plan your shoots? How long did this one last for?

My shoots are always a single day thing. It starts in the morning, and it’s a wrap by evening. I plan my days meticulously that way. I create a WhatsApp group with the couple, and give them all the details. From when, where to what they are going to wear, when we are going to break and the poses to an extent as well. This makes sure they come prepared and there will be no unexpected surprises. There are off chances when things might go a little off schedule, but I try to stick to the plan every single time.


What is going on now, at Vinod Photography?

I recently did my first Christian Wedding Shoot. It went on for more than a day. Two days to be exact, which was also a first for me. The output has come out really well. The locale is not commonly used and so the pictures look lovely. I loved this shoot and cannot wait to share the album with all!