The End Of A Business Deal And The Beginning Of A Life Together - Celebrity Wedding Of Anandhi And Ajay!

The End Of A Business Deal And The Beginning Of A Life Together - Celebrity Wedding Of Anandhi And Ajay!

It’s not usual, but here we have the Groom opening up about the events that led to his wedding. In a surprising turn of events, Ajay, saw the end of a business deal, opening up the doors of matrimonial harmony with Anandhi. Let’s hear about this celebrity wedding from the groom himself.

It was another sunny day in Chennai when an aspiring girl wanted to buy an apartment with her hard earned money. That ravish girl was Anandhi who was looking for a property consultant to help her advise on the investment and she happened to meet me.  We discussed about the best investment opportunities in Chennai and we winded up the meeting in my office. Being like minded, we happened to meet during our leisure hours and spend some quality time as friends after both our families knew each other. 

Then came a staggering surprise when my family was looking for a bride and started posting in some online portals. And they communicated the same to Anandhi's family too asking for prospective brides  This discussion ignited divergent thoughts in minds of our parents and they decided to get us hitched ! It was a stunner for both of us as we were neither intimate nor had intentions of getting married!! Eventually, both of us agreed to tie the knot!

We bought 3 Silk Sarees, 2 Lehengas and 1 Gown for my wife. "Kay" had the best lehengas and gowns, while "Kalaniketan" matched our saree needs. We have a close friend who designed antique jewellery and matched all other accessories. 

I bought my Indo-Western sherwani at "Manyavar" for the reception. I also bought a Van Heusen three piece suit which I used during the gala. 

The wedding photography was by Suhas, and as you can see, it has come out very well, and I'm extremely happy. Special thanks to Suhas and team, who gave their best to visually help us live our dreams. We saw life in his clicks! 

Planning a wedding these days calls for a lot of effort and that is why I chose to leave it to the professionals. Red Thread Eventz were the wedding planners and they made the entire process hassle free, through their meticulous planning and superb execution. Divya Jennifer organised the event at Hilton on behalf of Red Thread. Her output reflected what we exactly wanted. People at Hilton were very much friendly and did their best to make our big day the most memorable one. 

I love my mom the most. And I would say, I love my wife as much as I love my mom! She's such an amazing soul and I'm really gifted to have her as my BEST half!!  

Love u baby!