These Maanga Maalais Are Absolutely Irresistible!

These Maanga Maalais Are Absolutely Irresistible!

The only way to bridge Traditional and Trend is only by getting a little bit creative on the designs that would make it more profound in an artistic way! Maanga Malais are probably one of the best Traditional Jewelry ornaments that can handle a touch of artistic trend to it making it look more gorgeous than ever on a Bride. Here are some designs that are going to impress your family that loves traditional on Jewelry and you get to wear trending styles for your Big Day. It's a win win!   1. Neatly and artistically done work on gold, is sure precious. The kind of magnificent looks the jewelry can add to bridal collections is very distinct.


2. The classic and traditional Maangal Malai Design on this bride, gorgeous ain't it?

Maanga Malai 2

3. A completely gold, well designed 'Maanga Malai' is easily co-ordinated with the colors that are on the bride. Another way to stick to traditional style while also adding fancy modern jewelry to it. But make sure to make the selections carefully.

Maanga Malai 4

4. Maanga Malai with detailed works, exquisite stone works and a pendant that stands out are the exact things that Traditional Jewelry can do to your bridal attire. Here's proof!

Maanga Malai 5

5. Pearl works and detailed stone works are definitely not diluting the whole traditional essence in Jewelry. So do not be afraid to try new styles and add into modern designs on the jewelry. Maanga Malai 6 6. The classic Maanga Malai with stone studded work, that goes with the bride's saree will however be the classic traditional style. Maanga Malai 7

7.A perfectly done workmanship is what makes the Jewelry more glamorous and extra ordinary. This design seems to have it all!!


8. Stone work, glass work, pearls added in all the twist and these Maanga Malais still have a tendency to look gorgeous all by itself!

Maanga Malai 9

9. Another extremely well designed Maanga Malai. This one would sure be the talk of the town. The artistic work on it is sure going to drive anyone to get one of those. We told you so! Irresistible!

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