To the Most Beautiful Bond!

To the Most Beautiful Bond!

A bond shared by two sisters is something very pure and serene. She is the you love the most and she is the one who fights with you the most. From annoying you every time to keeping all your secrets safe, From sharing genes to sharing all her dresses. She is your confidante, someone who is always by your side. There is a special bond that only you two can understand.These lovely pictures from 2019 caught our eyes that clearly depicts the love and comfort shared by sisters and the mixed feelings they experience when one of them is getting married.


 I will wrap you in my arms and never let you go!


What else are younger sisters there for?


Gotta look our best.


I am at my best when I am with you!


One last secret, One last gossip!


I am happiest around you!


This one who drives me crazy!


A bond that can not be explained but can only be experienced.


Afterall I taught you everything about that ‘First Kiss’


We will walk hand in hand through thick and thin!


The only one whom you want to kick and kiss at the same time.


You mean the world to me.


Till when are you planning to make me work for free?


If people got to know what we talk about, they will think we are crazy!


Channeling the craziness within!


These are the moments and memories that we will keep coming back to.


How on earth are you so funny?


Doing this for one last time.