Top Ten Bridal Entry Ideas Are Here!

We love making an entrance, don’t we ladies? The way everyone gasps dramatically, and gush over your attire, hair and shoes; asking what you’ve been doing to make your skin glow like that, if you’ve been on a special diet of some kind; or if there’s someone special in your life who’s the cause of this radiant new look you’re sporting, and all this makes you blush even more!

Makes you wonder why for a long time making an entrance was a groom’s thing in the first place. Well, now that we are included, let’s step up our game, shall we? These top 10 bridal entry ideas will definitely make your man swoon.   

1.       Traditional palanquin: Enter like you’re a born royal, carried on a traditional palanquin, covering your carriage in flower curtains, or neon-coloured sheer curtains. Slowly, and stylishly step out with your head held high, and float into the Manadapam as everyone gapes in wide-eyed wonder.

2.       Modern palanquin: You can enter like you’re a regal queen of this era, seated on velvet cushioned palanquins, and enjoy the view. When the palanquin stops, look straight ahead with a mysterious smile. Wait for your brother or your cousin or your friend to extend his hand to help you off of it. And Viola!

3.       Flower canopy: A net made of flowers, like jasmine, roses, carnations or any other kind, held over your head while you enter the Mandapam. It looks divine and will definitely stun your groom. It will accentuate a kind of softness, sweetness, and feminine traits of the bride.

4.       Cloth canopy: Make an entrance under a cloth canopy to protect the star of the show from all the elements, and arrive in style. This could be bordered with fairy-lights and someone could turn off the main lights while the procession takes place, or it could be bordered with jingling bells so in every step of the procession the bells will announce her entrance to the Mandapam.

5.       Pearls/beads canopy: Indulge your fondness for bling-bling’s, and use pearls or colourful beads to fashion an awning, and make an entrance where even your canopy twinkles. Because we love every inch of the place to look and feel festive.    

6.       Decorated stairway: Just like we have seen in the movies, where a beautiful woman enters the ballroom, and slowly descends the stairs as everyone in the room stops whatever they’re doing and just stare at her in awe; a bride, on her special day, can walk up/down an artistically decorated stairway. It can be decked up with fairy-lights, or candles, or flowers, and maybe even an opulent carpet.

7.       Basket- Telugu traditional:

8.       An arch: Friends or relatives can stand on either side and raise their hands to make an arch for the bride to walk through. It will be like walking into a fantasy fiction. An entrance that will make the bride look like a proud and respected warrior-princess.

9.       Decorated umbrella: nothing says diva than a fancy decorated umbrella held protectively over your head by your brother or best friend (a guy BFF would be even better!) while you enter the Mandapam. 

10.     Bullock cart/ vehicles: This one’s pretty old-school but nonetheless fun. Take your seat and wave at everyone you come across as you are carted to the Mandapam. An old but flashy convertible or an auto rickshaw is an urbane way of entering and add a dark pair of shades to your ethnic ensemble and look dashing as only you can be.