Vintage Beauty - A Silver Jewellery Collection

Vintage Beauty - A Silver Jewellery Collection

Silver jewellery adds a quaint rustic beauty to our ethnic attire. It transforms our simple, elegant dresses into festive trendy look. And the intricate designs on necklaces or jhumkas or even bangles for that matter, look more dramatic. Silver jewellery allows the wearer to shine on any occasion. So naturally, we have picked some pretty silver jewellery designs that we thought you might fall in love with just like we did.

(Collections from Rajatamaya)

This rudraksha malai with a large pendant clearly depicts a scene from one of our legendary epic tales and the details are just lovel

A beautiful silver choker with a string of peacocks engraved along its length, plus a matching pair of earrings to go with it1 Rajatamaya silver jewel (2)

This necklace with Goddess of Wealth at its centre is magnificent1 Rajatamaya silver jewel (3)

The beauty of this antique silver jewellery depicting Goddess Lakshmi has got our eyes glued to it1 Rajatamaya silver jewel (4)

Take a look at the details on this broad choker- the peacock with his feathers spread wide and the vines surrounding him, simply majestic

We are loving this kaasu-malai-type necklace where each coin has an embossed image of Goddess of Wealth

A long silver chain with a large pendant can sure be a show-stopper

This piece is a vintage beauty                                        1 Rajatamaya silver jewel (8)

Mixing tradition with trendy is our favourite kind of jewellery

Pendants- Large and clear pendant with epic details and thread work chain to carry it off is perfect to transform your look from simple to festive. Most of these are hand-sized and can rock any ethnic outfit you choose to wear. Plus, take a look at the details, they're so lovely and mesmerizing.

Silver Earrings- from gigantic jhumkas to trendy hooks, these silver earrings are drop-dead