8 Trending Mehendi Designs For Your Hands

8 Trending Mehendi Designs For Your Hands

Women love applying mehndi on special occasions. From detailed mehndi designs to less elaborative ones, Different mehndi designs are used for different occasions. There must be hardly any person who would want to say no to these types of Mehndi designs:

1)  Glove Type - These designs are famous for adding elegance to wearer’s overall look by giving one’s hand the covered and detailed look. Designs are woven together to create a delicate design pattern.


2)  Just the Finger tips - How about letting your fingers do the talking while leaving your arms for those pretty, pretty bangles.


3) Jewel/ ornament type - For all those who want to keep it simple and light, this design turns out to be the savior, because instead of wearing those heavy hand jewelries, how about turning them into mehndi designs which would look equally pretty yet would feel light. 

4) Bangle type - Originated in Middle East, ‘Bangle Type’ design is highly popular among all young girls out there as they are both traditional and contemporary and are worn as piece of jewelry on wrist.   

5) Arabic Designs – These designs are absolutely different from Indian designs as they are detailed, have spaces, and sometimes resemble some architectural designs. Common designs include flowers and peacocks, known for their beauty and exquisiteness. Other designs include veils and swirls recurring in a geometrical template.


6) Color Stones Mehndi- Adding colors and stones to one’s mehndi, makes it look way more pretty and stylish. Use of sober and colorful stones makes them even more eye-catchy. You can also add a bit of glitter to enhance its beauty.

7) Geometric patterns- These mehndi designs are versatile enough to easily blend with mood and style. Shapes like circle, square and triangles are used almost in every design and no mehndi design is complete without the outline of geometric shapes.

8) Peacock Design - One of the most popular of all mehndi designs is the peacock, opted by brides time and again for a beautiful feminine and pretty look.

So, all you pretty ladies out there don’t wait for the perfect mehndi design, choose one from our list and make it your ‘Perfect one’.