12 Things We Loved About Asin And Rahul’s Wedding!

12 Things We Loved About Asin And Rahul’s Wedding!

 Asin Thottumkal, one of the Talented Artists in the film industry, tied knots with Rahul Sharma, the founder of Micromax and it had hit media in a delightful way! While there are some interesting details on the wedding and reception celebrations, here are some juicy details that caught our attention!

1.The Ecstatic Sabyasachi That Asin Wore.12631048_1114500578562284_31317205_o

2.The Elegant Vera Wang That The Stunning Bride Walked The Aisle In!12631245_1114500485228960_280585495_o

3.Gracefully Presented Wedding Invites12637143_1114500431895632_2082264456_o

4.The Adorable Flower Girls and Page Boys Who Carried A Message For The Groom!


5.The Yummy Looking Huge Wedding Cake


6.The Dreamy Flower Canopy Over The Bride12632797_1114500475228961_451545596_o 12636998_1114500545228954_651259595_o

7.�The Grand Trending Wall Of Roses!


8.The Perfectly Done Make-Up That Clearly Added To Asin's Elegance


9.Asin's Graceful Pastel Abu Jani-Sandeep Kosla

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10.Rahul's Crisp Looking Raghavendra Rathore


11.The Star-Studded Celebrations!

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12.And Of Course The Kind Of Warm, Love Vibe The Couple Is Filling Millions Of Hearts With!

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Pics  Stories by Joseph Radhik