A Classic Wedding Tale With A Lot Of Contrasting Colours In It!

A Classic Wedding Tale With A Lot Of Contrasting Colours In It!

Prabha’s wedding story is a classic boy’s-family-meets-girl’s-family story but trust us, there is a lot of mirchi on the way that you don’t wanna miss. So, let’s start our classic story, the classic way! Meet our bride – Prabha who has a degree in Fashion Technology and MBA from India and went to London for her M.S. She had worked with Amazon for two and half years. Marriage was the last thing in her mind so Prabha kept stalling while her younger sister, being smarter, went ahead and tied the knot. The entire family had almost given up hopes on Prabha ever getting married till Lakshmi Kumar made an appearance.
Lakshmi Kumar runs his own IT Consultancy Company in Canada where he has been living for more than eleven years after a brief stint in the U.S for four years. He had met lots of girls both in India and Canada but just could not find his soul mate in them! How could he when the right girl lived just two hours drive away? In June, 2015,

Lakshmi’s family met Prabha and her family over a cup of tea. While the family talked, numbers were exchanged and Prabha and Lakshmi said their first Hi’s over a phone call two months later. They got introduced but didn’t talk too long or too often. The first meeting was at Le Meridian, Coimbatore in the month of August. It was a secret rendezvous that the family had no inkling about! (Psst, Psst – Keep the secret buried!)

Later the family met again formally. The bride and the groom decided that they needed to get to know each other better before taking the plunge. So, away from the prying but concerned eyes of the family, Prabha and Lakshmi kept meeting each other. By the fifth meeting, Lakshmi decided it was time to propose. So, while Prabha was going to drop him at Salem which was two hours away from her place, he popped the question.

He: So, will you marry me? She(unsuspecting and completely in shock): Errr... Ummm... We can decide on that later, maybe? Let’s take more time! (This girl really did not want to get married... yeah!) He: Oh! All right... let’s give this more time! Chill... I was just kidding... And so, they made light of the matter and laughed all the way. After saying the byes, during the travel back home, Prabha’s phone gets switched off. She makes a call to her mother from a public booth to convey that she was safe and on her way back home.

Unable to remember Lakshmi’s number, she wasn’t able to contact him and later decided not to worry him with a call. Back home, the door bell goes trrrrinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggg... Mom rushes out, her face glowing with happiness. Mom: Congratulations! I am so happy for you... Prabha: Errrmmm... Sorry? What happened? Eh??? But mom’s expression is too obvious and Prabha’s voice drowns in her own confusion. She is pulled inside the house amidst everybody in the family congratulating her.

Prabha (now totally flabbergasted): Eh! I think I need to make a call right away! Prabha (on call): What’s happening? Everybody in my house is congratulating me! Lakshmi (Laughing mischievously): Oh really, Prabha? Wow! Congrats!! Prabha really had to laugh this time! Lakshmi was the kind of person who would have wanted her to get the news through her parents rather than him. Perhaps Prabha fell for him because of his thoughtful gesture?

Whatever the reasons, they had found what they were looking for in each other. They were engaged three days later and got married three months later!

But we, at Shopzters, had our eyes and ears open for juicier details! Like where was the wedding shopping done? Who was the make-up artist? And more such important questions to keep our curiosity satiated!T

He groom’s apparel was completely bought from Syed Bawkher, Chennai. Period. Rest is all about the bride so y’all lovely ladies out there, don’t miss out on a single detail. The muhurtam saree was from PSR Silks, Coimbatore while the reception and Sangeet sarees were from M.G Road, Bangalore. The three engagement sarees were bought from @mahaveers-the-silk-peopleclothing# as well as from P.S.R. Check out the unique wedding colours that the bride carries with elan!

   All the blouses were from @mantra-the-design-studioclothing# and self-designed by the bride itself. ‘The best’ is how she terms them. The makeup artist for Sangeet and engagement was by Shabas and hairdo was by Raghavan whom Prabha highly recommends. Since they were already booked, Senthil from Noor’s team handled the makeup while Rani worked on the hairdo for wedding as well as reception. Be it the blouses, jewelleries or hair accessories – the bride made sure everything satisfied her fine tastes. The diamond jewelleries were self designed by the bride where Santhosh and Anbarasan from Keerthilals, Oppanakkara Street, Coimbatore improvised on the designs and carved them into life. All the gold jewelleries are from Sumangali whereas the hair accessories were bought from @queens-jewel-emporium#. 

Sudharshan from @mark1-events-and-decorsevent-planning# is credited with the beautiful backdrops and mandap decor. He even handled DJ, Flooring and event planning for the ‘Cocktail’ Sangeet. Catering was handled by Loganathan from Tirupur who performed a scrumptious job.

While videography was handled by Sarathi from Tiruppur, the candid photography was taken care of by Aditya from @studio-a#.

 Now for the main question - Where did they go for the honeymoon? Costa Rica – Prabha laughs shyly. It was awesome, she adds.