A Colourful South Indian Engagement That Took Place In The Bride's Beautiful House

A Colourful South Indian Engagement That Took Place In The Bride's Beautiful House

With the abundant blessings from family and friends, Reshmika and Vishnu met over the typical “ponnu paakura” scenario. Reshmika talks to us about how the love sprouted amongst them.

Our horoscopes matched and as it suggested the bond between our families was intense. I first met him on the 8th of march and was very reluctant about meeting further since I was from a very strict family background. The engagement was destined to be on the 16th of June and things were getting pretty excited alongside. My mom’s sister happened to lure me into taking down Vishnu’s number but I was shy. It was Vishnu who initiated the talk and we spoke like 24*7 and got to know almost everything about each other in a matter of three days.

Our engagement was set to be at home and all of us were reluctant as to how it would look but thanks to Mithilesh from Utsav Decors for turning the whole place into a grand gala. Every one of my relatives were awe struck and were like “Ah. No. This doesn’t look like your house. It looks like a hotel.”

The photography was done by @ifotos-photography# and their service was brilliant. I spotted them out on Facebook and trust me I can’t be satisfied more. The effort they put into every picture is clearly seen and the offers they gave were also worth it all. For my fiancé who doesn’t like posing for pictures started doing rounds with them. I was quite nervous that I could hardly smile but the photographers were trying to lighten up the mood and made us pose for pictures at ease.

A relative of mine, Uma from Erode did my makeup. Everyone said that I looked so natural and nothing artificial.

My sarees were from @psr# and @mahaveers-the-silk-peopleclothing#, Coimbatore. All my blouses were by Smrithi’s. She is very connected to me. She’s been my tailor since I was very young. The “kaasu maalai” blouse that she made for me was very unique and I take credits for being the first person to have worn that trend now.All of Vishnu’s outfits were from Bangalore.

The jewellery given by my in-laws were diamonds from Kaaraikudi and I am so in love with them. My mehendhi was done by Vaishali, a friend of my sister-in-law’s. 

Perur Suresh catered for the food and everyone appreciated us for all the food items. The sandwiches were so good that everyone went for a second serving and we, the bride and groom weren’t left with any.

One of the funniest of scenarios was that right after the rituals, the groom’s side thought that the function was over and left. Then we had to call them over for a photoshoot. While doing of shot of us walking down the aisle, Vishnu’s shoe slipped and I had to hold on to him to prevent him from falling down. This whole moment was shot in a comical way in the video that made it very enjoyable.

As a token of my love, I bought him a watch and to my surprise, he gave me a very beautiful jewellery set from Sumangali jewellers.