A Dream Come True - The Wedding Story Of Yaasvee And Hari Mani

A Dream Come True - The Wedding Story Of Yaasvee And Hari Mani

A modern-day Jane Austen love story. That’s what comes to mind upon hearing Yaasvee’s wedding story.

Yaasvee’s parents - yesteryear actress Aruna and businessman Manmohan Gupta, informed her that they know someone who lives in the U.S. that she should meet, a potential groom. And they said that it was up to Yaasvee to decide if she’s interested or ready or not.

When Yaasvee got in touch with this person, a Dr. Hari Mani, who was born and raised in U.S. but whose roots were in Trichy; they started talking to each other and haven’t stopped since. They both felt a connection with each other, and they both fell madly in love.

When they informed their parents, they were surprised to find that these two were on board an express train. What started as an arranged marriage soon turned out to be a love marriage.

It was mostly a long-distance relationship at the beginning. But Hari made it so easy for her. He always made himself available when she called given the time difference and his demanding career.

They officially met at the Airport and their engagement was just a formality. They had set a date on the following year to get married, which was at the end of Sept. 2015. Her parents were supportive of Yaasvee’s dreams and gave her full freedom over her wedding plans.

Yaasvee wanted an outdoor spring/summer theme and she wanted an informal, casual setting. She felt they’re an unconventional couple and so she did not want any traditional theme overlapping this fun, vacation type affair she had in mind.

She chose yellow and blue to spear-head this fun theme and beginning with her invitations made by Harpriya, everything followed this cheerful colour-combo throughout her wedding.

She did all her shopping in Delhi, in one month. For her Mehendhi/Haldi function, she had invited all her friends from Bangalore with whom she studied, and all her friends from Chennai. It turned out to be a very girly night for her and her friends. And her mother’s as well.

This was followed by cocktail night where Yaasvee and her close friends went out for drinks and party. She wore a Sherri Hill dress, and complemented it with stunning jewellery from Mehta Jewellers, Chennai.

All her friends and relatives were staying with her and her family at the ITC Grand Chola Hotel, Chennai, where the wedding took place and it felt like a collective family holiday to her.

She had left a few welcoming gifts at their rooms, so after the cocktail night, the guests found little packages which contained hangover cures and a prescription pad and other humorous elements related to the star-couple- Yaasvee and Hari.  

Yaasvee also wore a collection of designers at her wedding ceremonies such as a Sabayasachi, Ritu Kumar, Shantanu Nikhil, Pankaj and Nithi, and Anita Dongri. She rocked each costume with ample zest and unparalleled elegance.

The A-cube Project did the Decorations at the Hotel, and every aspect looked stunning, attractive and pleasantly cheerful with vivid colours. We are especially in love with the trunks, watering can filled with flowers, the tiny umbrellas, and the cute signs and signboards.

Weddings by WFA team have artfully captured these fantastic wedding scenes and are giving us major inspiration.