A Dreamy Tirupur Wedding That Is Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale!

A Dreamy Tirupur Wedding That Is Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale!

Shopzters’ very own beautiful bride who possesses a very bubbly and chirpy character has taken her vows along with her groom on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2017. Let’s hear it from her as she joyously tells us about the various rituals that she had in her wedding.

“We had so many rituals as part of our beautiful Kongu wedding. We had a metti ceremony where my maternal uncles put the metti for me followed by a water splashing ceremony in which the water was mixed with beans, carrots, chillies, mint and stuff. One of my husband’s friends even started pouring water all over me from a high raised place and trust me I had a wonderful waterfall experience. We then had so many poojas to be performed as well. The ‘enaseeru’ ritual and the ‘maapillai azhaippu’ where I shouldn’t be a part of, I heard from my husband that the ritual was super fun.

Before the wedding, we first went to his place and had a ring game where I won. Later, we went to two temples and left for the Muhurtham. We had the muhurtham performed in a typical Tamil murai scenario. While tying the thaali I did not tend to cry like every other bride would possibly do. Although there was a slight tear or two, but I managed to pull it off without tearing up so bad.

My reception saree was from @prakashsilksandsarees#, Kanchipuram. My Muhurtham saree was from @varamahalakshmi-silks#, Kanchipuram and one of the sarees I wore for the rituals were from Pachiappa’s. His outfits were from Breeze Coimbatore. We had them make it in two days’ time and they did wonders with it.

My blouses were designed by Manju akka from Smrithi’s. As always her works are note-worthy and I received so many compliments for both my reception and muhurtham blouses.

All my jewelry were from @suman-jewellery# and @sumangali-jewellersshoppingretail# and my waist belt was from Kirthilal’s. Uma’s from erode did my makeup. I was so happy to look at me being very beautiful.

Photography for all the events were by @ifotos-photography#. They showed us in a very beautiful light and they sure did out-run all our expectations.

Mithilesh from @utsavs# for the decorations again, we couldn’t have asked for more. Their perfection is beyond my words and they did speak my mind out with ever little detail.