A Fairy Tale Engagement That Happened In A Farm House

A Fairy Tale Engagement That Happened In A Farm House

Doesn’t every girl dream of a fairy tale wedding? Here is one that came true. Swapna, the princess tells us her dreamy tale of love.

Our love story is as filmy as it gets. I the damsel in distress and he the knight in shining armor. What more would a girl who always believed in fairytales ask for. Ten years ago, in the month of chilled winters, this boy entered my life as a saviour and a voice from within said “he is the one " This marked the beginning of our love story when i was 18 and he was in his early 20's . When you fall in love, everything in the world will cease to exist. It happened with us as well. But then we were determined to make our careers first, accomplish our goals before we took it to our families since we din't want our families to misunderstand our feelings as infatuation and wanted to see both the families smiling on our big day. Through these 10 years, we stood by each other in every accomplishment and downfall, through thick and thin making our relationship stand steady as rock. And today, when both of us are successful and at the peaks of our careers, when i look back to the day when he first got me his pay cheque which i treasure till today, how proud i felt and the little celebration we had makes me wonder ' where we have been and how far we have come '. The secret of our relationship being that we held on to each other during our struggling days with trust, respect and loyalty towards each other. He was the one to discover the creative side in me and encouraged to pursue my passion for fashion designing. Vikas has seen my transformation from an innocent playful teenage girl to a strong determined independent woman.

As they say being someone's first love is great, but also to be their last is priceless. The very thought of getting hitched to my first crush makes me feel blessed.

The special outfit

As designer, i have custom made outfits for more than a hundred brides but when it was my turn to create my dream outfit, it took me more than a week to figure out what look i wanted for my big day. I always believe that a woman's outfit tells an untold story. I wanted mine to depict my current state of mind -filled with love , bliss, vibrance and cheer and i picked picked aqua blue and bubblegum pink combination.

It had elements of love with little cute hearts hand worked on the dupatta, the highlights being the letter V ( v for vikas ) being embellished on the back of my blouse encircled by a heart , those cute bird cages all over my lehanga for my never ending love for birdies. Im thankful to our entire S&S team who worked their socks off to get the kind of look i wanted. And finally when the outfit was ready, I freaked out of joy,it was charismatic, royal and just the way i wanted :)  i feel lucky to be able to hand pick every thread and bead that goes into my dream outfit.

The big day

Half the battle was won when both the families happily said the big and most awaited "YES"

Welcome to our engagement ceremony! The best part of my engagement was the venue. Filled with peace and serenity, surrounded by the beauty of nature, our farm house has always been a very special place for me. Overdoing the decor would 

dim the splendor of this lovely place, so we opted for a simple vintage decor.I feel a special connection with this place as i have a lot of childhood memories with my cousins here. Me and my family along with my closest cousins arrived at the venue the previous evening, we all had a fun night while the lawn was getting decorated. A strange inward excitement kept me up the whole night and when the clock struck 5 in the morning i woke everyone up as i wanted the ceremony in the pleasant morning hours before it was scorching hot. When i stepped out, i just fell in love with the beautiful decor. It was just the way I imagined, The decor guys did a splendid job. The aisle was illuminated with fresh golden and orange marigold flowers and the bright and colorful umbrellas hanging from top added the vintage touch. I love the quote 'birds of a feather flock together’. To put it in simple words i'm obsessed with birds, they make me happy and you can see it from the vintage bird cages decorated with beautiful carnations hanging all over the lawn and yes my outfit was made with a bird theme. One of my favorite detail was the gigantic vintage photo frames hanging from trees with pictures of us that surely sprouted romance all over the place. Though everything seemed perfect, deep down something was bothering me. We had planned a grand bridal entry with a beautifully decorated wooden frame which couldn't be completed on time due to some technical reasons but to my surprise when i dressed walked out of my room, all my brothers and male cousins surprised me as they escorted me holding those vibrant looking chatris - it felt so grand and beautiful.I couldn't have asked for a better entry.I was so touched by their sweet gesture.

 My engagement day, it was so incredibly special and as everyone says, it was over in a snap. Im super thankful to these photos and memories that i have to keep with me forever

Photography: @sunchit-george-photography#

Catering: Dolphin Caterers

Decor: Shri Varshini Flower Decors

Bridal outfit: @sridevi-and-swapna#

Groom's outfit: Evolve by Tejas And Harish

Rings from @caratlane-a-tanishq-partnership#

Bride's Jewellery: Tanishq 

Cake from Guilt Trip

Makeup, hairstyle & Mehendi by Radhas