A Soulful Journey Of Two Beautiful Souls In Love!

A Soulful Journey Of Two Beautiful Souls In Love!

This is  Krithika, a Computer Science Engineer from SRM and pursuing MBA  from SRM B-School. I also worked with  Wipro technologies for 2 and half years. My parents, a love married couple themselves were never  tough strict parents but very close friends of mine. They had got me whatever I had asked for in life no matter what. I had a beautiful combination of parents, dad from a non-Brahmin Vaniyar family and mom from an orthodox Iyengar family, I  was always brought up in a dual two absolutely opposite environments  were I got used to both cultures ,traditions, people, food habits and language. I had always admired closely my parents’ love and their understanding ..thus I always wanted to love and get married :)

My fiancé Vinod, is a mechanical engineer from SMIT, working at Kone as lead design engineer. He is also an active business person. He owns sports academies which is his all time goal. He is also into a lot  of other business too. Something which I am proud of is his sports..He never depends on anyone even  his parents for anything is what I like about him. He has a great passion for designing machines. He was a motivated mechanical engineer. He calls himself so! On the other hand I have a great passion for running a business of my own and also  a responsible Human resource person!

His parents are truly a blessing for him and for me now. His mother is his greatest support and she being the backbone of the family fought hard for this wedding to happen despite all struggles. We both have lovely younger brothers.

One most important fact that I honestly admire and adore about Vinod is his physique, a fitness freak he is!  I used to wonder how could a guy be jus at gym for almost a day. His passion, goals and aim was to become a great cricketer. Seriously, there are 100's of his people who came to me talking about his cricket and his style. He and his sports is what I jus cant be without. I should agree to the fact that he loves playing cricket more than talking to me or being with me! Ha ha! He has won numerous awards in cricket which I already treasure.

 what I love to do is what he hardly does ----- talking a lot!  I'am a chatterbox and he is a very calm guy! Just opposite to me! I have to give my life to make him utter a word! He had always been in a boys school, the only mass boys department of mechanical engineers, were he was completely surrounded by a huge boys gang .He never spoke to girls much.

Our story,  our Love!

I always wanted a guy who is a sports person and he is a professional cricket player.

He was among my mutual friends only. He was God's gift to me on my birthday..the day we knew each other. It's been 3 years now since I knew him. Our life wasn't so easy to go through.

He proposed me in a way every girl would be impressed. He asked "Will you marry me? "  and I never could say "NO" to a guy like him! He then showed my picture to his mom, his support system.

We had to get along a toughest phase of life. I always strongly believe that anything when got in life at ease has no big value. We always stood strong and faced the challenges like a milestone.  He was the best human being I ever knew. We fought all battles together. May be I would have not been this happy as now if I had got everything without any issues.

The way he respects elders and their wishes is what made me like him even more. He stood against each and everyone to make this wedding happen! I was awe-struck by his love.

For all those people who get married arranged or love, please ensure that you wait & make your parents love your pair more than yourselves, make them happy, let them accept, give them a chance to know and take time to prove your love and then get married. Getting married to your loved one is a blessing :)  Having great parents like ours is what we have earned for in this life.Today, sitting down and seeing the happy faces and pictures and so much love makes  me feel complete :)

My life in short






It is situated in Virugambakkam near Elango nagar bus stop, Ac hall,  accomodating 1500 people which was perfect for my big day .


They were not  just the photographers and videographers whom we  opted for. I seriously take pride in telling they are like a part of my family. Ashok anna especially is one awesome calm composed cool professional .The team is composed of the best talented people who do an amazingly great job. Nanthis and Emman ...they are enormously talented I should say. They take best pictures and they are free to correct and make things as per our wish anything anytime we  give them. They have got a wonderful set of editors.  AA photography is one of the best choices one can make for wedding photography and outdoor shoots. A fun filled team, capable of capturing best moments and mesmerizing shots which could 100% make u delighted. Even the traditional photography will be too good with best quality :) The event highlights are summed up as a small montage and I just can't deny the fact that they are masters in that too. All that people can do is just blindly go to AA photography and  I assure that they will give you the best outputs. They are highly patient enough to listen to your views. My biggest gratitude for Ashok bro and the wonderful team!   


Man of humbleness :)  I tried a lot to get his appointment and finally, he consented! He travelled down from Pondicherry for us & completed the make up on time. To talk about the make up, I just loved myself that day. :)  He has a power to make a women look beautiful and at her best. He is a thorough professional . he is truly an awesomatic artist:)


A patient mind blowing hairstylist he is. A professional,  who knows how to make a girl look absolutely stunning. He is one calm composed  person who does a great job :)

SAREE DRAPING : JEEVITHA                                        

Very dedicated  professional she is :) she took just few minutes to drape the saree and also helped me till the last in getting ready :) she was so compassionate and friendly :)


Divya Jennifer! Seriously, we owe her a big thanks and gratitude for making our day really colorful :) Really got no words :) she is such a workaholic perfect person I have ever met. She was continuously involving herself so much in all my arrangements apart from the decorations she actually promised to do for us. I am  a person who just can't get satisfied at all so easily . But the way she spoke , the way she put me at ease and gave us all the promise and made us feel comfortable that you can always leave things to her and she will take care of the final output. Oh my. I will never forget her help! Something I really like in her is her devotion to work. She suggests what is best for us. Eventually I was bit worried as my stage was big and how could the decor be grand enough. But as she promised, she gave us a great treat on our engagement. She also has got the best ever team with her to make your day beautiful. She takes pain in coming as spectator of our event and gets feedback from  the people who sits there which shows her professionalism. We already had a decorator who was part of the hall and its mandatory that we choose only him. But we pleaded with the mandapam people to go for Red threadz :) Thank you so much Divya :)


One of the best caterers I have seriously come across. They added divinity to our  big day. They gave one best ever treat to all of us. They served 30 different dishes with a menu card to help the people choose on their favorite dish once the first set of dishes were tasted. Most best part of their team was professionalism. They cook even in parking lot . yummy elaneer  payasam , cut fruits ,dum biriyani , and different sweets which are never even tried before by anyone was cooked:) each and everyone praised us for this big delicious treat :) It was a proud moment for us. sweets ,starters which was served too. Best part was the welcome drink which was served in any best fruit shop pattern :) jus love their dishes:) Jaw drops :P



Prakash silks  has wonderful collections and also pure silk sarees .It’s mandatory that you always need wide range of varieties to choose the best ones. They have sarees ranging from 500 onwards .I have taken so many sarees from there only. All costly sarees above 1 lakh is best to take here. Babu shah shop has wonderful colors and has equally good collection of sarees . My designer is from kanchipuram. She is one best blouse designers I would say. She always stays in touch with me to know what I actually wanted and tailored perfectly on my blouse designs contrast to my sarees.


The deep blue blazer that he wore was from Manyavar and we unanimously  chose them though we had a wide range of choices. They were  perfect on him :) We also have the option of ordering any outfits incase of unavailability .


We decided to try something different for the second dress and came up with this off white indo western suit which added charm to my man on the big day :) He looked so handsome in that attire.


I got my jewels from GRT and joy Allukas :) you will have numerous collections and designs in Joy Allukas and best ever trusted quality from GRT :)