A Typical Kongu Wedding With Oodles Of Charm

A Typical Kongu Wedding With Oodles Of Charm

There is a famous saying ‘Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’ and Nandhini lives up to this. We think this girl values the inner beauty more and has found a beautiful person both in and out and that reflects in her talk. Nandhini is an adorable girl and we loved every bit talking to her. She is all excited about her honeymoon more than her wedding. After hearing her honeymoon destination, we are way too much curious and yes we have planned to cover that story separately. Have a little suspense girls. Read her full story to know more details. Here she goes!

The 6th of July is the day we met and it wasn't formal since our families knew each other. And ever since we literally met every single day. Ours is an arranged marriage but it never seemed like one because we hit off from the day we met.

It all happened so fast that even before I knew it, I was head over heels in love with him! Our marriage was fixed 5 months later but  we would have happily got married the next day we met itself, that was the level of understanding we had from day one. The concept of arranged marriage itself is very scary. Families spoke to each other and both of us actually accepted the proposal even before seeing each other personally. That's because my in laws are the sweetest people and I knew them personally when we were invited to his house 3 years back for dinner. I don't know how I failed to notice him then. 

He is such a romantic. He planned a moonlight dinner at home. The first time he took me out he sang me few romantic songs and I was all smiles. Being quite insecure about my colour, he never fails to compliment me any day.You know, such sweet gestures make me fall in love with him more and more. 

It's been only six months from the day we met but it seems like I know him for a lifetime!  Having the perfect guy is a dream come true for every girl and I am sure lucky in that case. 

Uruthi Varthai took place at my home on the 17th of august. Saree for uruthi varthai was from Ganesh Shah in Coimbatore. They are a Kanchipuram based shop near Hopes. They have a huge collection of Kanchipuram silk sarees. My diamond jewellery for the Uruthi Varthai was from Viswa and Devji. They have unique necklaces. 

Wedding was on the 8th and 9th of December.I made sure that every saree was different from the other. Saree for Engagement was from PSR Silks. Saree for Reception and wedding was from A.S Babu Shah from Kanchipuram. They have a huge collection of sarees. The prices are also quite reasonable.

My fiancee decided to go all black for the Reception and had his suit stitched from Syed Bawkher & Company. They have  craftsmanship like no other.

All the blouses for all my functions were done by Revathi akka of Ritham designs, Erode. She has an eye for detail and did an outstanding job. I made sure every blouse was different from the other and she replicated the designs I had in mind.

Makeup for all my functions was done by Noor anna. I would recommend him without doubt to any bride out there as he did his job without a flaw. I have a wheatish complexion and was worried. But the makeup was done very well. Worth every single penny.

We had Ronald anna from Shristie Bavathu for our decoration. You won't believe it if I say, this is his first wedding. He is super talented and bought the whole mandapam alive with his decor. All the guests were very impressed with the decor.

We had Madampatti Nagaraj for catering. And it goes without saying that his food was yummilicious.

Mehendi for my wedding was done my Saranya akka based in Coimbatore. Please do check out her designs. Her designs are out of the world! In laws had a sudden Sangeet planned all just in a day before the wedding and had only very close family involved. 

Saravanakumar anna from Mystic studios covered the whole wedding. They have a very good team of photographers and are perfect for freezing the memories. They make you feel at ease and are very patient. They did a perfect job of capturing the best memories of my life. 

I didn't follow any special routine for my wedding. I just had tender coconut everyday to maintain a clear skin. I guess the reason for the glow was because of the happiness. So I recommend every girl to smile and that itself is healthy enough. 

We are planning to go to Finland for our honeymoon. We hope to come back with a crazy experience.