A Wedding Of A Telugu Bride And Her Eliciting 7 Year Love Story

A Wedding Of A Telugu Bride And Her Eliciting 7 Year Love Story

Being Software engineers in New York for a cable provider company, Kanthi Nemani and Sri Ram Nadh were two love birds who started off as lovers during post-graduation and after convincing and waiting for their parents’ approval for over 7 years, are now two happily married ever afters. Let’s hear it from the beautiful bride herself.

“After a series of convincing, our wedding was dated to be on the 8th of December, 2016 in Rajamundri, Andhra Pradesh. We had five events such as the bridal ceremony, the Sangeeth cum Mehndi, the wedding, the pooja and the reception. 

All my bridal lehengas, except for the Sangeeth and reception were from Kalpvruksh by Navatha. She also catered for the outfits for my mother and sister as well. I loved her service and they were all excellent.For my Sangeet and reception I wore a Rajini Reddy designer wear. I absolutely loved those outfits and I would give them an excellent score. All of Sai Ram’s outfits were designed in Hyderabad.

Makeup for all the events were by Raju from Magical makeover Studio and I would highly recommend them for everyone.

Photography for all the events were by @yeluguri-entertainment#, Hyderabad. Their pictures were very nice and natural and I loved them all alike.

All my jewelry were from Mangatrai, Prem raj, Shanthi Lal and few other stores. The jada that my in-laws gave me was from @malabar-gold-and-diamonds#.Decorations for all the events were by @dedhepya-decor# from Hyderabad. They did a very good job in making all our expectations meet.

We had made a special wedding card, fully out of silver for my in-laws. That was the first ever invite that we sent out to them as part of the ritual and we still treasure it more than anything.

We have waited for over 7 years for the right approval from our parents and once done, this whole event was like a dream come true. We enjoyed and cherished every moment we were given since this was what we were waiting for all these years.

All the bride’s to be should have in mind to plan everything much ahead of time and also make things well in advance since you and your family have to come to a common ground at some point of time and that surely takes some time.My parents were a very big support in helping me get through with things and this wouldn’t have been possible without their support and help.