A Wedding Packed With Elegance And Style

A Wedding Packed With Elegance And Style

Divyashree our beautiful bride from Bangalore who currently resides in The United States met her husband in Bangalore during her under graduation. Here is how they planned their wedding.

Hello everyone I am Divyashree shopping for my wedding outfits was a cakewalk for me and I owe it all to my mom. My mom Lakshmi is a designer herself. She is into this business for a very long time and is well known in Banagiri nagar, Bangalore. She customized and designed all my sarees and blouses. My reception lehenga was also designed by my mom. She has her own weaving set up where she makes custom outfits for close clients.

The jewellery for my muhurtham was from two different stores. One was Abushan and the other was NavaRathan. For my sangeeth and varpuja it was from Raj Diamonds and for my reception I got a customized diamond set from one of my mom’s clients in Mumbai.

The décor for my wedding was completely taken care of the in house decorators in Palace Grounds. I just had to tell him what I liked and they came up with designs based on my taste. They did a very good job. Photography was by Kabir Gowda from @klik-pictures#. This was the same team who did my engagement. I really loved their pictures so I went ahead and booked them for my wedding too. My makeup again was done by one of my mom’s client. Swetha Mahadev. My mom has literally seen her grow. She is now one of the well known MUA’s in Bangalore. She did an amazing job for me too.

The unforgettable memory about my wedding was that the wedding date actually had to be postponed. Initially it was in January and it had to be moved to March. This was because of some issues with my visa. It was only one day before my flight to India I knew about this. I was not even  sure when this issue will be cleared. Since the preps had already begun and the invites had already gone out my mum had to literally call everyone and inform them about the problem. My visa issues were all cleared in a month’s time and we had to plan the whole ceremony again. We did it in two weeks time and here we are as husband and wife.

The tip for beautiful skin is to stop using any kind of cosmetics at least one month before your wedding date, which is exactly what I did. I also drank a lot of water and followed a fruit and juice diet which really helped.