A Wedding Story Of A Musically Oriented Couple - Sathyaprakash And Bhargavi

A Wedding Story Of A Musically Oriented Couple - Sathyaprakash And Bhargavi

Living in the same city with almost different interests and walks of life, but with one mutual connection of that of music brought the two lucid individuals together. Knowing each other for over 7 years now since 2010, Satya Prakash and Bhargavi thought that they should take this relationship a notch further by confessing their togetherness to the elders at home.

Let’s hear it from the very approachable couple who spoke to Shopzters about their journey.After the agreement from both our parents we were destined to marry each other on the third of September 2017, at PY Mahal, Coimbatore and the reception was on the tenth of September at Shri Devi, Chennai.

All the sarees that Bhargavi wore were shopped from various places. The engagement saree was from @rmkv#, the traditional koora pattu was from @nalli-silks#, the saree that she wore from the muhoortham and the oonjal function was from @kalanikethan#.

My pattu veshti and shirt were from @nalli-silks# as well. Our reception outfits were from @manyavar# and Mohey, Chennai.

Bhargavi’s makeup was done by Rajiv and team from Raj bridal makeup. They were a team of three who took over makeup, hairstyling and saree draping. I must admit that their services were so satisfying and Bhargavi looked beautiful in all three different looks.

The photography was taken over by @ashokarsh-photography#. Needless to say, while short listing people for our photography needs, this guy always topped our lists. Since most of my friends had worked with Ashok before, it was easy for me to approach him. His works were very impressive and we are happy that we chose him.

Back with the wedding in Coimbatore, Balu decorators were in-charge of the decors. These guys have been in the business for over 30 years now and that was reflected in their work. With the reception in Chennai, the in-house decors of Shri Devi, Keba floral decorations had did a very good job.

Most of Bhargavi’s jewelleries were from Lingacharai, Mylapore. Other chunks were from GRT and @lalithaa-jewellery-martjewelrywatches#, Chennai. Our wedding invitations were made by Menaka cards. We wanted a bit of a traditional touch to it while being simple and elegant. We received a lot of compliments for the cards.

Catering in Coimbatore was done by a person called Suresh from Subiksha. They exceeded all our expectations with regard to the taste and flavour. Even when the head count exceeded the limit, they managed to serve the crowd and that was in a way very helpful to all of us. In Chennai, Nyanambika catered for us. Their services were good. Their spreads of foods, too. We were happy when we were served with a fresh and steaming hot plate of food even at 11.30 pm.

Bhargavi says " I did a bit of home remedies to fix my skin before the wedding. I feel that it is always a key to use home-made remedies more than parlouring, since natural glow is always healthy and effective".

The most memorable part of our wedding is that people whom we hadn’t met in a very long time, turned up. The main reason for us to host a reception in Chennai was for all the ones staying away from India and we’re so glad that everyone could make it despite their busy schedules. The irony was that we just can’t get over the fact that our eight years of journey had already been over in about eight hours’ time. This day will forever be in our memories as the most cherished one.