A Wedding Story Of A Nagercoil Ponnu And A Chennai Paiyan

A Wedding Story Of A Nagercoil Ponnu And A Chennai Paiyan

Towards a love and arranged marriage setting, the two beautiful souls have united as one. Let’s hear it from Arun who took Sahana’s hand into eternal matrimony.

I am into hotel business and Sahana has completed her masters in psychology. I come from a very orthodox family where we aren’t allowed to talk to a girl before we are lawfully wed. We reached out initially over Facebook and later exchanged numbers and interchanged personal stories. It was then that our families decided to get the two of us married and we were very excited. Our wedding took place on the 3rd of July at Ganga Grandeur, Nagercoil.

The wedding decorations were done by JMR from Pollachi. These guys added my family in a Whatsapp group and were very open to suggestions. All of us gave inputs time and again and they were very co-operative in bringing all our ideas together.

My outfits were from the men’s boutique, Lagan, Chennai and Sahana’s outfit was from Diva, Chennai again.

For the reception in Chennai, @make-up-ibrahim# did the makeup for Sahana. Whereas for our wedding, Prabhu from Chennai had did it. Both rendered an amazing job. Sahana looked beautiful in both the looks.

We had two photography partners at the wedding. We had @the-memory-writers# doing an amazing job like always. We’ve always been intrigued by their efforts and excellent outputs. We loved ourselves in every look and the pictures are proof of that. The other photographer was Mani from Chennai. He is our family photographer. He’s been with us since our early days and he knew everyone from my family and that was easy in the process of getting pictures done.

Kumar from Perundhurai catered for our wedding. Since we were quiet occupied, we weren’t able to eat a lot. But with what we’ve had, it was yummy and fulfilling.

With my wife being naturally beautiful, she did not have to follow any pre-bridal beauty regimes. All she had to do was to be fed by her mother to become nice and pretty for our big day.