An Eye Catching Engagement In Beautiful Shades of Red

An Eye Catching Engagement In Beautiful Shades of Red

Sharmila and Anurag’s engagement is a treat to your eyes. Read on to know how this beautiful ceremony happened.

Hi I am Sharmila. I work for a software firm in Chennai and my fiancée Anurag is a manager working in San Francisco. We have known each other for a while through mutual friends but ours was an arranged marriage. Initially my parents met his parents and they got along really well and they decided to take it further.  Then Anurag flew down a couple of times and they got to know him a little better. Since I already had a general idea about him and after getting to meet him it only better. Actually I was really apprehensive about getting married, reason being my parents brought me up in a very independent manner and I was very scared ill lose that in an arranged marriage set up. But with Anurag everything was so different. He gave me the confidence that I can be myself and he will support me through every step of my life. That is exactly why I agreed to him almost immediately. In fact, we hardly got to know each other but it was his vibe that made me sure of my decision. I somehow knew this would work out and it did. Our engagement was a beautiful ceremony in Westin, Chennai. It was more like a get-together than a family celebration.

A special mention to @vipin# my photographer, my friend. Right from the first time I met him he gave me so many advices on makeup and décor and he gave me so many recommendations. He was super friendly and extremely helpful. More than a photographer he has been such a good friend. I completely love his work. Throughout the engagement he was so grounded so warm. Anurag and I were still in the process of getting to know each other. Vipin still managed to make us really comfortable and captured some amazing shots.

So we had a theme for our engagement. It was shades of red. So both my saree and lehenga were in red colour and all of my friends were all dressed according to the theme. It made me feel so special. My lehenga was from @kay-the-fashion-bay#. This store when compared to the other stores in Chennai have a better range of outfits and a much better pricing too. My saree was from @prakashsilksandsarees# in Kanchipuram again this store has the best service and also has some very unique designs that you cannot spot in the other stores. One of Anurag’s outfits were from @mokshaa# and the other was from USA.

My blouse designer was @sruthi-kannath#. She is extremely friendly and she kept me updated on the progress of the blouse. Also I really wanted her to do my blouse because she does blouses in jewel tones with typical jewellery designs. That is something I wanted for my saree because it was a very traditional saree and it worked out so well.

Makeup was by @make-up-ibrahim#. His team and him were so wonderful. There was a delay in the engagement for some reason and Ibrahim and his team were super understanding. They in fact had an appointment right after my engagement but were more bothered about me and made sure I did not panic because of the delay.

All my gold jewellery was collected by my mom from @vbj# over the years and the diamonds that I wore were from @malabar-gold-and-diamonds# and KIrthilals all from Chennai.

My décor was by Shribha decorators and the catering was by the hotel itself. The food was unbelievably good. The guests were blown away by how good it tasted and the service was excellent.

I went for Zumba classes before my engagement and I also did a few facials from Oryza.