An Unexpected Ping On WhatsApp - The Wedding Story Of Sugi And Parthi

An Unexpected Ping On WhatsApp - The Wedding Story Of Sugi And Parthi

Sometimes, the most unexpected surprises are the most important or the most meaningful. We might go about our daily routine, and then BAM! You meet someone, and they're your destiny! Such is the case of our beautiful Sugi and her Parthi. Please read on and enjoy their wedding as much as we did!

My husband is a software engineer and was working in Boston. I was a designer and was working in Tirupur. One day my mom sent a picture on WhatsApp (at the time I was seriously working!), and I opened it thinking it would be a piece of jewellery or a Saree, which is what she usually sends. There I happened to see this boy's picture! That's how it all started.

Then one day, Parthi called me and introduced himself and we got talking for 30 mins about general things.

Then we got talking and talking and we decided to meet. He came down and things were great! We realized that we were great together and I said 'yes'!

We had a function called as "Uruthi Vaarthai" which is very common in Goundar community. He flew back to Boston and we had a huge gap of 6 months for the wedding from the Uruthi Vaarthai. It was long skype calls and as we all know, the courtship period is the best time any bride-to-be would get. Our wedding was fixed on September 7th and on the 6th we had our Engagement and Reception.

For my Uruthi Vaarathai: Saree - Tulsi Silks

For my Wedding: Saree - NC Santhanam, Kancheepuram. It was not a huge store but they were extremely friendly and patient!

I got my blouse done by my college Junior/ friend at Maliboo Boutique

It was one less thing to worry about as she knew what I wanted. I did not opt for a Lehenga since I wanted to go traditional. Most of my Jewellery was from VBJ, Chennai and few from GRT. I personally prefer traditional/antique Jewellery rather than contemporary because I think they never go out of fashion and the two stores have a very good collection.

The Venue was custom designed and we had matched with our wedding invitation design. We wanted to go subtle and not bright and we had opted only Naatu poo such as Vaadamali, Paaku kottai, etc., 

Make- up artist was Dhana Rashikha

Photography: I chose Weddings by WFA, because I liked their photos. They had a Antique-y effect that I loved.

My tip to all the brides is to have lots of fresh fruits, juices and lots of water. Do not attempt anything out of the normal before the wedding.