"Aviator Weds Dentist" - Narrated By The Groom Himself

A girl's dearest dream is to walk down the aisle, wearing the kalyana pattu saree, adorned with handpicked gold jewellery and colourful flowers and to become the bride of the man who loves her beyond all measures. This transformation of a woman to a responsible wife is indeed very special. One such dream come true love story is that of Gayathri & Ram. Read on to know more about their wedding as Ram narrates it.

Gayathri: Basically a Celebrity Dentist by profession, Gayathri is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and national swimmer and gold medallist in Academics. She is a versatile personality with various accolades to her name including modelling, TV shows, media forums, trained Carnatic singer to name a few. She is also an avid persona in the field of charity being active in various social service NGOs and charity organisations.

Ram: Being a passionate Aviator for more than a decade, Ram is a top-notch professional in a leading global Airline having excelled in Academics and in active sports. An amateur photographer and globetrotter, Ram is also multi linguistic with over 7 world languages and also a cross country racer. An adventure lover by nature he has an ardent passion towards rollercoasters and also bungee jumping around the world.

HOW DID YOU GUYS MEET “Marriages are made in heaven” says old school thought. Little did I ever know that I would meet my soulmate at Wedding Vows itself; yes the Wedding Vows exhibition in August 2015. Down the memory lane I first happened to spot Gayu in one of my friend’s photograph sometime in March of 2015. There was an immediate spark that struck my heart in a single chord. I let the moment live in with Gayu embellished in my heart and moved on and it was destiny that I bumped into her in Wedding Vows Exhibition in August at ITC albeit she never even noticed me. The moment I saw her the accentuating spark in me ignited and I was absolutely certain that she was the Guardian Angel sent by my Mom from the heavens.

Following which I tried umpteen times to secure her mobile number and I was very desperate to get in touch with her. Eventually I got her number through one of my friends and as she was a dentist by profession, I thought it would be prudent to impress her by inquiring with her regarding my tooth and striking a conversation. Though being an extrovert I still was a bit nervous when I heard her voice for the very first time and needless to say my heart sank. At the outset I lost my beloved Mom in 2014 and after she had left me I was desolate and shattered and had a huge vacuum in my life and it was Gayu who came in as a Turning Point and brought about Life into me. It took an incredible 7 months to gather her attention and with regular talks and texting we became good friends. I within a span of a month’s time then decided to muster up my courage and asked her out in hand for marriage directly. She was quite shocked with my statement and she immediately answered that I need to meet her parents first and seek their approval.

With no hesitation or second thoughts I asked her out to meet me for a coffee and to be very genuine I asked her to have her brother accompany her to meet me. We met in October at Copper Kitchen and she was dressed in a stunning velvet black salwar and the moment I saw her and looked into her eyes I without a shadow of a doubt knew that she was THE ONE for me. Before she can even decide to tell me a YES or a NO, her brother was very much impressed with me. THE ROMANTIC PROPOSAL: Yes it was one of the most dreamt of proposal that anybody could have ever had and yes I had nailed it stupendously. I called in from London and asked her to meet me at the airport here in Chennai around 5 AM at the domestic airport in Oct. I had in store for her an absolutely ravishing Buckley’s pendant and ring from London. With butterflies in my stomach and my nerves anxiously bewildering, the moment she arrived I asked her to close her eyes which she was hesitant at first.

After much hesitation she did close her eyes and I immediately the next moment right in the middle of the airport went down on my knees and opened the ring box and said ‘GAYU, WILL YOU MARRY ME?” in front of the numerous passengers and crew at the airport. She was totally taken by surprise and stunned and she was not even in belief in what she was seeing and with tremendous excitement she said “YES”. That was the most poetically memorable and indelible day of our lives. We got lauded by a few passengers and some air crew and they said they had seen such themes only in movies and all the more excited to see in reality. Being an AVIATOR I always wanted to propose my dream girl in an Aviation Environment!

WEDDING PLANNING: The moment we told our folks about our proposal they were overjoyed with instantaneous approval the moment we met as a whole family and they wanted us to get married soon and fixed the wedding date. We strongly believed that we were truly blessed as we did not have any trouble convincing our folks. We commenced our wedding plans immediately.

Engagement: Our Engagement was held in a grand scale at Grand Estancia in January 2016 with family and close friends and it was a spectacular gala evening with music and dance. The main highlight of the engagement was 2 cakes heart shaped conjoined to mark our divine love.

We decided the venues for wedding and reception after much homework. First our wedding was held at Grand Estancia Hotel and then we followed it up with our Grand Reception at Hyatt Regency Chennai. Since both the grand events were being held in Star Hotels we did not have much difficulty in getting the menus right with the Catering. We gave the choice of Food Menu to the chief chef of both hotels and we had the most lavish and luscious food items on our Menus for both Wedding and Reception. Mehendi : During our mehendi function we conducted so many games to make the event more interesting. One among it was we asked the mehendi wala to write our names on the design which was very difficult to find out by anyone. A surprise gift was given to the winner who correctly spotted our names from the design.

WEDDING ATTIRE: Sarees, Suit, and Jewellery: Coming to our wedding attire we chose Nalli Silks and Pothys for Gayathri and for the ladies in our families. Mr Nalli Chinnasami Chetti of Nalli Silks is our very good family friend. Gayu adored a pink and a second purple pattu saree from Nallis for Engagement and also Parampara, Vasthrakala, Samuthrika and Koorai pattu from Pothys for Wedding. For Ram it was traditional pattu veshti and shirt from Pothys. For our Wedding Reception since we had very little time in hands we could not approach any of the renowned fashion designers and we decided on our own. We got a vibrant pink and gold combo lehenga from Diva for Gayu and a Black velvet Royale suit for Ram from Raymond. All our jewels were hallmarked with Uncut diamond necklace and earring from Joy Alukkaas and Naga antique gold jewellery from GRT jewellers. We are loyal customers of Joy Alukaas because of their wide range of collections and excellent customer service.

Mehendhi: Engagement and Wedding done by Naturals. Accessories: Gayu: Royal Gold Jimmy Choo Stilleto. Ram: Gucci Broadwick Oxford black shoe. CK belt. Ray-Ban Aviator Glasses. Citizen Skyhawk EcoDrive Watch. CELEBRATIONS: To make our reception absolutely memorable for our life time, we chose VALENTINES DAY as our RECEPTION day which was held in a very grandiose and lavish style at Hyatt Regency Chennai on Feb 14. Music and Orchestra: We had arranged for music orchestra by one of the leading young movie music director Karthik Acharya and team who stole the show with peppy romantic numbers chosen by us personally and the evening was totally lit up with fun and frolic. We had arranged for AIRTEL SUPER SINGERS to participate in the orchestra and add colour to the festivities. We had a huge CELEBRITY GUEST LIST to name a few Kumaravel Ck and Veena Kumaravel (Founders of NATURALS), Nalli Chinnasami Chetty (NALLI SILKS), Dr Karthik Ram (Celebrity Cosmetic Surgeon), Harish Uthaman (Actor), and scores of friends from the media and film industry. The main guests were mostly from Aviation Industry and Doctors. To make it even more soul stirring, we arranged for decorations to be done by Decorators who involve physically challenged people to décor the Reception stage. A very big thanks to Mr. Robert for having given us a thoughtful stage decor on Feb 14th. We wanted the backdrop to signify VALENTINES DAY and we suggested a heart shaped rose décor with 2 hearts merging together and he made a perfect backdrop as we had wished with rose templated hearts merging. This romantic heart shaped backdrop mesmerized the guests who had joined us in celebrating their Valentine’s Day with us. The biggest highlight was the food at HYATT. We had over 32 dishes on the menu AMBUR SPECIAL MUTTON BIRYANI and kozhi varutha curry was the signature dish and specially arranged Live Counters for different variety of kothu parathas. Strawberry fizz and fruit punch as welcome drinks was absolutely enjoyed by our guests.


PHOTOGRAPHY: @focuz-studios# –      WEDDING and ENGAGEMENT @studio-31-by-pranesh-photography# –                RECEPTION

MAKE UP: Celebrity MUA Ramakrishnan & Team – Wedding  & Celebrity MUA Radhika – Engagement and Reception for Gayathri Celebrity MUA Abinash (PAGE 3) for Ram

DANCE: It was a cake walk for Gayathri as she is a trained classical dancer, but then I surprised her with my dancing skills in our Reception which left her gobsmacked. Our cousins had arranged for a surprise Flash mob by AJ Dance Company Bangalore which we guys also joined and danced to the amusement of the crowd.

PARTIES: We threw bachelor and spinster parties respectively at ITC Grand Chola.


  1. We had arranged for kids from Charity organizations (who don’t get easy access to Star Hotels) to come and enliven their moments on our special day and enjoyed the lavish food and music). We consider it as a big blessing for us.
  2. Engagement cake was a red velvet cake heart shaped from Café Adoniya specially ordered as a surprise by friends.
  3. Limousine service. We made a royal entry to our reception venue arriving on a metallic black limo which was a head turner.
  4. Most of my friends and colleagues could not make it to our wedding due to their flights. So they had a big surprise in store for us when they knew we were flying on the eve of Valentine’s Day for our Reception. They had arranged for a cake to be cut at 36000 feet on board and the crew made a special announcement wishing the newly married couple which was a gobsmackingly thrilling and lovely moment of my life.

HONEYMOON: I had basically kept it as a surprise to take Gayathri to Switzerland and also to a place called Lapland which is at the edge of the Arctic Circle where you stay in an ICE HOTEL and ski. But before that I will be taking her to London and Amsterdam very shortly. In short my PARTNER IN GLOBETROTTING.

I on the whole am thankful for having been bestowed with a lovely wife and friend, philosopher and guide in her and I will dedicate and devote my entire Life to my beloved sweetheart Gayathri!