Bangalore Meets Hyderabad In This Beautiful Wedding!

Bangalore Meets Hyderabad In This Beautiful Wedding!

The moment we saw her, standing by the window sill, with her beautiful eyes and stunning jewellery, we were hooked! We wanted her Wedding Story, and share it with all the bride-to-be’s. We are glad we finally have it. So, in her own words, this is Thanmayi, sharing her wedding story shot by @deepak-vijay#, and a few tips for all women reading this! Read on and Enjoy!

Hello Thanmayi, thank you so much for sharing your wedding story with us! You are looking stunning in the pictures!

Thank you so much. Thanks for featuring the image on your Instagram handle. It was a pleasant surprise. Also, going through my wedding, telling you about it helps me re-live the entire experience again, and who would not want that!

Please tell us how you met Lohit.

Well, Lohit and I met while we were doing our MBA. We met through a common friend. We have known each other for around 3 years, and dated for 2. Ours was a smooth Love marriage. We had no issues from either side. My father took a little time, but he was on board in no time! He is a Brahmin and I am a Reddy, so we had a beautiful cross cultural wedding!

Are you guys alike?

No, not at all! Ours is more like a ‘opposites attract’ scenario! I am an introvert. I need time to open up, while he is very social! He is funny and hilarious. Outgoing and super fun to be with.

That’s nice! :) So how many days did the entire wedding and all the functions last? It’s a mix of Andhra and Karnataka right?

Yes, actually the Engagement, Reception 1 and Wedding took place in Karnataka style. We had a Sangeet in Hyderabad.

We got engaged on the 18th of February. All the functions started in April

April 15th was the Sangeet and then we had 4 days of festivities!

Day 1 was the Mehndi

Day 2, we had Haldi – Lagna Puja. It was very special as all the elders were present and they blessed us. It was a very special day. We have a tradition, wherein we have three haldi functions before the Muhurtham!

Day3, we went to the Mandap. We have a custom where we enter the Temple in the premises and then enter the Mandap.

26th Evening – Was the Reception and

27th Morning was the Wedding.

So it all began with a Pre-Wedding shoot in Hyderabad, then the Sangeet, then the Wedding at Bangalore! Phew, we did travel a lot, but it was worth it.  

What about the shopping that you did? Where did get them?

Well, let me see, I’ll start with the Engagement

Saree – was from Angadi Silks, it was a pink Saree.

Blouse- It was self-designed. It was green. I love designing, It is my passion. The engagement blouse was something I designed myself.

Make-up and Hairdo – I did it myself.

Jewellery – it was from Navrathan Jewellers.

Photography – @coffee-stains#.


Saree- the Saree was from Kancheepuram and I designed the blouse myself.

Jewellery – Navrathan Jewellers.

Mehndi – Mast Mehndi

Makeup – it was done by @manjusha-bajaj-professional-airbrush-makeup-artist-bangalore#.

Lohit’s suit – was from Rahul Chabbriya

Venue and Deocrations – It took place at Kalyani Kala Mandir which is opposite to IIM-B. They took care of the decorations as well.  


Gown – the gown was from Samyakk, Bangalore

Jewellery – Bhima Jewellery

So Thanmayi, do you have any tips for the bride-to-be’s reading this?

Yes I do! Shopping for me was stressful! I had to decide everything, so I have a few pointers for all girls reading this.

1.       Start early! I had no time to do many things! So make time, plan and proceed.

2.       Do not hesitate to get help!

3.       Calm down, don’t take any stress, if you do, you will not be able to get things done.

4.       Don’t be lazy! Don’t settle for anything, search until you get what you want and finalize it.

5.       Make a checklist. It is very important. It will make sure you do not miss anything.

Finally, enjoy yourself! Totally! :)