Be Mine Forever Said A Photographer To His Girl And They Captured Memories For A Lifetime

Be Mine Forever Said A Photographer To His Girl And They Captured Memories For A Lifetime

Anjana our bride from God’s own country Kerala met her beau in her workplace. With the blush in her narration, it was easy to understand how much she loves him. Read on to know how he ropes her into this big ocean called love. 

Although my roots are from Kerala, my family and I are settled in Chennai. Saranraj my husband is very much a Chennai boy. He is a photographer by passion the man behind Focuz Studios and an Engineer by profession.We met in our workplace in Mysore. It was in a group of common friends that I first saw him. He was the one always pulling my leg and teasing me, so initially I never had a liking towards him. But it was the other way around for him. The cupid’s arrow hit him quite early. In three months time, he proposed me and said he wants to live the rest of his life with me. I obviously said no. At that point of time I was not ready for any relationship so he said its ok you don’t have to give me an answer right away, take your time. Only after I got to know him better I realized he was completely a different person. I knew I was falling for him but I still kept pushing him away and irritating him, testing his love and acting unpleasant.[for which he says he will take his revenge now ;)] Finally in the eve of new year when we were out celebrating with all our friends, I spoke out the words he was waiting to hear. I said yes, “I will marry you”. So that’s where it all started. Then slowly our parents got to know. After the initial turbulence they said ok and here we are as husband and wife.

Ours is a love marriage. It was a great feeling to see our two families from completely different backgrounds blend together. The first event for our wedding was a traditional pooja with our traditional Kerala dance which happened before the muhurtham. Our wedding was in my hometown Palakad, Kerala. We had a Kerala style wedding for which I wore a purple with green saree from @palam-silks#. I was very specific about not wearing the usual cream or red saree. I was looking for some unique colors and I found this. We had our Sangeeth in Kerala as well. It was for a small gathering of people which had his friends, my friends and close family. My friends had organized a great show with dances and lot of fun. For this, I wore an Indo-Western gown form @milan-design# in Cochin. Our reception was in Chennai EVP Rajeshwari  Mahal for which I wore a beautiful gown which Saran got from UK. For my jewellery I went for traditional ones that my parents had got for me over the years and since I am big fan of Jumkas I got a pair from Prince Jewellery in Chennai. For my accessories I got most of them from Goodwill Collections. They are well known in the Kerala belt.

My blouses were designed by Prathibha from Yuvathi Designers in Porur. She has been my designer for a long time now. She understands my tastes and gives me the perfect blouse. Puff sleeves are one of my favorite and so I got one designed for my wedding. My make up was by @bronzer-bridal-makeup-artist# phe did a fabulous job too.  The wedding décor in Chennai was done by Karthick Decorators. Since Saran was very specific about the colors it came out really well. Photography was done by our very own @focuz-studios#. I have no words to explain their beautiful work.

I must tell this, it is such a blessing to have a groom who is so involved in wedding planning. Saran had everything so well organized that it felt like he had planned all this even before he proposed me. Right from my makeup artist to the décor to photography, he covered it all. He really took off the tension and eased it out so much for me.

We also had a lot of moments in our wedding that we can look back and laugh at. One such incident was our dance. I am a dancer and Saran is nowhere close to dancing. The practice sessions were so much fun. It is very evident in the pictures too. In most of the pics, he is just standing and watching and smiling. It was quite a fun time trying to make him move. But I was really happy that he made an attempt to do this just for me. Many of his family members came and appreciated me for making him do this. The other thing was watching him in front of the camera. Saran being a photographer is excellent behind the camera, but when it came to posing for pics it was a totally different ball game. I love to pose for pictures. I am such a big poser but Saran is more into the right angle, right lighting and all those technical stuff. After all these days of clicking pictures, he finally agreed that posing for pictures is way more difficult. :D

We had our post wedding shoot in Kumarakom in Kerala. It was in different locations the ones which are not the usual tourist spots but very scenic and picture perfect. One such location was Abad Whispering Farms. It is a resort with a lake view, it is so beautiful that anybody will fall in love with that place.

 For my beauty regime I made an oats pack that I used on a regular bases. It was very effective and severed the purpose right. We spent our honeymoon days in a Euro trip. A memory that will last with me forever.