‘Cause It Takes Two To Tango!- This Couple Have Been ‘In Love’ For A Decade Now!

In a world where it's quite a tough thing to be able to hold on to relationships, it's very calming to know that there are people out there who know to never give up! We came across this lovely story of Nikita and Raghav as one of the Valentine's Day Contest entries. It was creatively lined up with an adorable story-line. Call it "old school", but these two lovely people have managed to keep this 'love' thing going for about a decade now *touchwood* and are also engaged to be married soon!

Nikita and Raghav met when they were still in school, 9th grade to be precise. On asking about the proposal, Nikita recollects, "Well, we're not exactly sure. He thinks it was him and I think it was me. But we are just glad both of us were on the same page! After schooling, Nikita had moved to Pune to pursue her Law and Raghav moved to Coimbatore for his studies in engineering. Well here's what everyone wants to hear, long distance relationships are tough. But the truth is, it's not impossible! It's her smile and the look in her eyes when we meet every time - it's so comforting and that makes this whole long distance worth it!" adds Raghav.

Raghav works in Bangalore and Nikita, in Chennai. "It isn't a fairy tale, we had our fair share of storms, we had to hold on and sail through", Nikita explains. With extremely supportive parents, who in fact initiated the "It's time to get you both hitched" talk, Nikita feels they just got lucky.

"When you know it's right and worth holding on to, it's up to you to see it through. It definitely takes two to keep this going and I'm glad we both felt that way", says Nikita. They got engaged just three days back. "It's all just overwhelming, in a really good way!" adds Nikita with her infectiously sweet laugh!

It is true, it doesn't take long to fall in love but it is a lot of work to stay in love and wanting to grow more in love with the same person!

Here's wishing all you lovely couples out there a Happy Valentine's day!