Creating The Best 'To-Be-Bride' Memories For Herself, Wise Indeed!

Creating The Best 'To-Be-Bride' Memories For Herself, Wise Indeed!

A yearlong wedding planning could be the best kind of timing that any bride could ever wish for. Hear from the lovely, happy-bride Saranya who seems to have made use of all the time she had, to create the best Bride-To-Be memories for herself and some amazing Wedding planning ideas. Wait, she also loves shopping! Looks like she has had a fun, stress-free Wedding planning and shopping every bride would love and should aim to have.

Now, the long wait was over, our love phase had open doors to marriage. Our wedding dates were announced. For me, it was just happiness loaded, like every other girl, dreaming of a cute picture perfect wedding and making sure it was a handful of every function and happy memories.

The best part of wedding planning is the excitement about gearing up on what to wear, how to look and so on. I did have a big list too! Who doesn't get excited when it comes to shopping it's a therapy for many, being the bride I had the advantage of going for everything Ive planned and wanted.

Since I had one whole year to plan my wedding, I took it easy, giving me my own lavish time to decide my clothes, how my wedding should be and what I wear for each function. So, I should tell you, shopping for my Wedding Saree was quite an experience. I went hunting for my sarees to the land of silk. There were ranges of powdery hues and I wanted to pick the right one to brighten my big day. I was accompanied by a bunch of fashion heads, sadly the main man missing, but thanks to the technology it takes its stand on, sending pictures and getting sanctioned from him became easier.

Well, to tell about Vicky he was all happy, with me selecting my saree. He did the good-groom part of letting me have my opinion prior to anyone else. Being the top most of my list all ready, I started concentrating on other things on my check list. Like everyone says, nothing beats Jewelry hunting. I decided to wear glittering gold for the wedding and shining diamonds for the evening reception. Like in our Indian tradition, my mom had got me quite a lot of antique jewelry to compliment my sarees.

Being a happy bride-to-be I moved on to the other little things, like how to go with my looks and the list included footwear, make-up and hair-do too.

Wait, Ihave been only saying about my wedding shopping. For the grooms out there, here is a sneak-a-peek into Vickys shopping drama! He landed exactly a month before the wedding date and went on a quick ride to all the shopping stores to get his suit and shirt stitched as he already had decided how he wanted to look. It was only choosing the fabric and the tailor to get his work done.

A picture says it all and keeps reminding us of all the fun we had during the big day. So we decided on choosing the right talents to shoot our Big Day.

Our photos and videos have been wonderfully captured, that each time I see them it just takes me back to the best day of my life and that wonderful moments with family and friends and the blessings which they kept giving us.

Being a typical South Indian wedding, the functions were all according to the customs, starting from pattni sapadu to the wedding morning and evening reception.

The responsibility was all taken over by our parents on how to carry on the wedding ceremonies, giving importance to all the traditions.Exactly a week after our Big Day we flew to New Zealand, a popularly known honeymoon destination. We couldn't ask for more it was all the more romantic made us feel the love each and every moment.

We did a lot of adventure rides and fun things to make our days more memorable. From there we flew to Fiji only to enjoy the weather and beach, with pool side dinner dates just to cherish the days to come and the already begun life as Mr and Mrs Vicky.

For all the bride-to-bes, Im giving little pieces of information which might help you when you are gearing up for your big day too.

Go for lovely collections of Silk Sarees from Varamahalakshmi and @a-s-babu-sah# in Kanchipuram. I got my blouse done at Golden Window, Coimbatore and I loved their work.

My Jewels for the Wedding was from GRT, Chennai and @sumangali-jewellersshoppingretail#, Coimbatore.

Make-Up by @make-up-ibrahim# and Shabas stole the show!

Our Wedding Photography and videography was by the talented Amar Ramesh (@studio-a#) and @siraj-khan-photo#, Chennai, and we love the memories they helped us get into the frame.

Decors were done by Sarasu Decors, Erode and such amazing work they did for us.