For Love Is Everlasting- The Wedding Story Of Sangavee And Sibi

For Love Is Everlasting- The Wedding Story Of Sangavee And Sibi

Life is a journey. There are many junctures, stops, diversions, crossroads we come across. And there are many people we come across at various points of this journey. Some meetings are just coincidence. While some people we meet for a reason. And then there is that one person whom we meet, who has travelled a long distance and all those stops and diversions led us to meet that special person.

At least that's probably how we'd like to believe this story began.

One day, Sibi went to meet his friends who were studying in a different college. Little did he know he was going to meet the love of his life. Sangavee and Sibi went to different colleges but had same circle of friends through whom they met. After a month of their meeting, Sibi proposed his love to her. And though she was hesitant at first, there was no denying she felt the same way about him.

After 2 years of courtship, they decided to convince their parents somehow and get their approval. When one side of the parents approved, the other side was soon convinced to let the two lovebirds to get married.

They got engaged in March '15 and had only three months left for their wedding ceremony. Though it was hectic, the couple and their family managed to pull it off.

For her Muhurtham, Sangavee bought her saree from Prakash, Kanchivaram, which was a red saree with tree of life motif on the border and she looked traditional and homely draped in that Kanchivaram silk.

Her make-up was done by Vani from Salon Mantra, Salem. She had asked for an authentic Tamil bridal look and Vani did a great job. And for her reception Sangavee picked a much trendy look, choosing to wear an indo-western gown and wore diamonds to complement it.

She chose antique jewellery to go with her traditional looks and bought her jewellery from Kirtilals, Coimbatore. And from Sumangali Jewellers also from Coimbatore.

Sibi got his suits from P.N. Rao Bangalore, which was recommended to him. The designs were exclusive and the fitting was perfect that he felt comfortable and happy in them which reflected in his face.

Sangavee and Sibi had two photography teams at their wedding. Candid Pictures from Bangalore and Vivaham from Erode and between these two teams, the photos that came out were creative and romantic. The couple and the photographers seemed to have had a lot of fun from the looks of the pictures.

Catering was taken care by KVK, Vijayan who's got 23 years of experience in the field. The food was so good, that everyone felt satisfied and appreciated it a lot.

Sangavee also loved the details of the decoration at her wedding which was done by Surya Decors, a friend of the groom.

They went on two trips following their wedding. A ten days trip to Europe and then another vacation at Singapore.

Even after a year of their big day, Sangavee exclaims that her husband has been the same person she fell in love with all those years ago. And still caring as ever, their love story makes us wonder if happily-ever-after's are not so much as an ending but only a prelude to the beginning of whole new chapter.