From Designing Mehndi For Other Brides To Designing Her Own Engagement Story!

From Designing Mehndi For Other Brides To Designing Her Own Engagement Story!

When you meet someone who you connect with, who shares your passion for life, your passion for your job, then you have found someone you should hold onto for the rest of your life! Recently, Sujitha, the  founder of Madras Mehndi Studio got engaged and we wanted to know all the details. As we read her Engagement Story, we realized that she found all she wanted in a partner, in her man! Please read on to know more about this beautiful Engagement Story!

I am Sujitha, a Mehndi artist from Chennai. My fiancé is from Bangalore. Ours is an arranged marriage. We met for the first time in Chennai on 13th November'15 just to know each other. We felt ting-a-ling of love bells and as we were comfortable with our passions and dreams in life we decided to wed. We got engaged on November'16 and have scheduled our wedding in March'17.

Clothes: I purchased most of the sarees for my family at Tulsi Silks, Mylapore. They have an awesome collection and they do very good service to the customers. Also, you would find sarees of different range for all budget requirements. It is one of the places I would recommend for special occasions. Attire for my fiancé was bought from Arrow, Bangalore. We wanted to keep it simple for our engagement and made our choices accordingly. 

Jewellery: We purchased fully stone studded jewellery for one saree and gold jewellery for the other. We bought some from Sonal fashion Jewellery, Pondy Bazar and did hire some beautiful ones from Swarna prabhu, Mylapore. It was a pleasant and satisfactory purchase from both the Jewellers. 

Our engagement ring was exclusively ordered and bought from Tanishq. 

We had a special engagement cake from Infinite indulgence. It’s worth mentioning that Ms. Padma did a very good service by customizing the cake according to our needs and delivered the cake on time. Many of our guests complimented the awesome cake. 

Mehndi: Mehndi is something that is so close to me and obviously I was very particular about the artist to involve for my engagement and wedding. Ayisha is my very good friend and I couldn't think of anyone else. I am lucky to have booked her for my function. She is such a friendly and humble person. I was so happy to meet her in person and we had a long chat and shared of our experiences. It was fun. 

Make-up: M.D.Ansari did the make-up for me. I was very satisfied with the outcome as it exceeded my expectation. His assistant did the saree draping for me and I should say it did earn everyone’s attention and compliments.

Photography: Photography was by DC Meridian's Senthil who is one of my best friends. Therefore I was quite comfortable with him. He always brings out the best from the functions and ceremonies and has done well in my betrothal as well. 

Blouse: The Blouse was designed by a Hyderabad based designer. I have previous experience with them and was confident that the design would be extraordinary which it was!

I had done enough planning for each and everything with the help of my family which made my shopping easy at the end of the day. I used to assist many of my friends and relatives for their functions and have some clarity of good shopping locations and therefore it was not so difficult for me.

For all the brides reading this, the most important thing is regular intake of water. I would say all other things are secondary. Most often people forget to hydrate sufficiently due to hectic schedule and because of that they fall sick in the end. Therefore, having timely food and sufficient water is more than enough to stay healthy, beautiful and active.