From Love For Cars To Falling In Love With Each Other!

From Love For Cars To Falling In Love With Each Other!

There are moments when you see something and you fall in love instantly! That was the case for us when we saw these gorgeous wedding pictures of Savitha. The wedding itself is a sight to see, with the beautiful bride exquisitely dressed! We wanted to know all the details and the sweet bride was kind enough to oblige!

Hello Savitha! Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us.

Hello! It’s a pleasure to share the wedding details with all the brides! I got married to Kishore on the 19th of May, 2016. We met at an Auto Expo because the both of us love cars. We became friends and that gradually progressed to love. We decided to get married 3 years later and when we told our parents about it, we got to know that we were in fact related! After that, it was a smooth arranged marriage.

Could you tell us something about Kishore?

Well, apart from our love for cars, the both of us are polar opposites, but he is very sweet. I have always wanted to marry a politician so when I told him that, he joined a political party for me! The things he does for me, always has made me feel special.

Savitha, we simply loved all the ensembles you wore on all the events! Could you please tell us more about that?

I wore Sabyasachi for my Reception, but for all the other functions, my clothing was designed by ‘The Silhouette Boutique’. My sister is the owner of this boutique and we had a lovely time planning all my outfits. If you see my muhurtham blouse, the coins in the sleeves are actually silver coins, dipped in 1 gram gold.

Wow! That is pretty awesome. Could you please share the details of the other aspects of your wedding plans?


Wedding and Reception – White Feather convention Centre

Sangeet – Manipal County

Mehendi – Swathi Hotel

Pre-wedding shoot – Mangalore

Photographer – @savitha-patil-photography#

She’s a talented photographer who always relay on the concept of “not taking the photographs, but making the photographs” And also has the power of good observation which breathes life into each and every photograph.

Videographer – Gomtesh Upadhye

Comet Factory: Gomtesh is a simple and humble person, with a very talented team. His nature shows the outcome of excellent work.

Make-up artist – @manjusha-bajaj-professional-airbrush-makeup-artist-bangalore#

Manjush endeavours to give every client a flawless and stunning look by making wonders by her airbrush makeup.

She’s one of the best makeup artists I have met lately.

Wedding planners- @3productions#

Jewellery: They were customized from Navrathan Jewellers.

Any fond memories from your wedding, something that stands out?

I love cars, as you know and there was one thing that my father did during my wedding that brought tears to my eyes! He bought a car as a complete surprise and the number was 1819 which were the dates of the Wedding and the Reception. And Kishore also bought a car, which was again a huge surprise and the number was 1905! I was deeply touched by the love shown by these two important men in my life! This is a moment I would never forget.

Tips for the bride?

Don’t wait for any ideas, go out and explore. See various things on Pinterest and get inspired. Pinterest is pretty awesome and one can get a lot of ideas from there.

Where did you guys go for your Honeymoon?

We went on a Euro Trip, but apart from that, we have a pact wherein we travel to some place every month. It is like alone time for us, and we simply love it!