A Fun Filled Coimbatore Wedding That Was Planned By The Bride's Mom & Her Friends

A Fun Filled Coimbatore Wedding That Was Planned By The Bride's Mom & Her Friends

Prathima and Anirudh got together in an arrange marriage set up. Prathima who was not so keen on marriage completely fell for Anirudh the very first time they met. Read on to know what change her mind.

Hi I am Pathima I am doing my masters in fashion designing and my husband’s name is Anirudh. He runs a business that deals with home automation. We are actually related and I never knew that until the proposal came by. I have met his parents before but I never knew him. Initially when this came to me I said no because I wanted to study later they matched the horoscopes again and since everything was perfect everybody in the family were like why don’t you meet him once. So he came to see me with his family. We got to talk each other for around 20min and by that time my granny called out for us. She then asked me ii I liked him and I said yes. That’s right the magic had happened. I really liked him. About Anirudh he is a super cool person, chilled out attitude and jolly person and that’s exactly what I liked in him. The best part here is that I was the only one asked if I liked him or not. Because I said ok the families happily agreed. That night I got a call from him and he said “What is this? They only asked you and decided nobody even asked me” haha. So that’s how it started. Our courtship period was the best. We got to know each other very well during that time. We were more like friends. I would very proudly say he is the man of dreams. Every girl would want a guy like him. He treats me so nice and so well and always puts my interests and likes in front of his. I am always given the princess treatment. So as the dates to our wedding came closer I never had that anxiety of marriage. I was only getting happier because I am going to start a life with him.

Our wedding would have never been such a great experience if not for my mom and her group of friends. My mom’s friends are more like family. They were literally with us in every step of the planning process. Most of them took up responsibilities like it was their own daughter’s wedding. Right from food to décor they helped us with everything. I take this an opportunity to thank all of them from the bottom of my heart and of course to my mom without whom nothing would have ever happened.

Shopping for my wedding was a really big task. At the start it was really hard for me because I couldn’t find anything I liked. It took me a really long time to finialise my sarees. Initially I got a reception saree and gave it back because everyone felt it was too dull for a bride. So I kind of lost interest in shopping. Here again my mom came to my rescue. It was my mom who went around looking for sarees and she was the one who found my reception saree. It was in @tulsi-silks-1# , Chennai. It was a beautiful green tissue saree with an orange blouse. My muhurtham saree was from @mahaveers-the-silk-peopleclothing#. This is my go to shop. I know for sure that I will definitely find something in this store. Luckily when I went there they had a new set of sarees that just came in and I found one in that lot. I did not want a big mehendi function. But my since my sister insisted on having one we went ahead. So went I went to Chennai for some other work I did my mehendi dress shopping too. The dress was from ManMandir. This small event eventually became so big that people were actually saying this itself feels like a wedding. My cocktail dress was designed by my aunt. She has a boutique named Ibhuvana. She has such pretty and exclusive dresses. Her store is in Nugambakkam.

All my blouses were designed by Flair Designers. Manju and Swetha did a fabulous job. They are one of the best in Coimbatore and we have been their clients for a very long time. They took so much effort and gave me the best designs. I was very skeptical about my green saree with orange blouse. Since I have this blind faith on Saibaba I said ok to the contrast colors mainly because orange being Saibaba’s color. So they went ahead with it and it turned out to be the best of all. Most of my jewellery was from @suman-jewellery# and @vbj#. I had also worn some jewels that were passed on to me from the previous generations.

My makeup for the reception was by @make-up-ibrahim#. He did such a great job. He is super fast and extremely comfortable to work with. For the rest of the functions make up was by @padma-varadaraj-makeup-artist#.  She gave me three different looks for the three different events depending on my sarees and all of it came out beautifully.

The décor was by Mr. Periyasamy. Sarayu aunty and Aishu aunty took full charge of the decor. They actually stayed along with the decorators until the work was done and came much before all of us to the venue early in the morning to sort out things. Caters for our wedding was by Madhampati but it was my mom’s friend Prathu aunty who selected the menu. Even today we have people telling us how good the food was. One of the biggest hits was the icecreams. The specialty was that it was freshly made fruit based icecreams. Again it was Prathu aunty who suggested this.

Photography was by @mystic-studios#. I don’t have to tell anything about them because their picture says it all. Mystic studios just make your wedding all the more grand. Their eye for pictures in the right moments is just brilliant.

Our honeymoon was a surprise. We went to Hong Kong, Macau, KL and Langkawi. It was beautiful and we had a great time.