Make-Up Artist Steffhy Gets Married And Does Her Own Make-up!

Make-Up Artist Steffhy Gets Married And Does Her Own Make-up!

When we think of weddings, we think of a multitude of things to be done. Saree, Blouse, Photography, and of course Make-up! Have you ever wondered what these guys would do when they are getting married? They are in the business, yes, but when it’s their own, how do they plan? Well, we sure did! And we were super excited when our very own vendor – Make-up Artist @steffhy-antony# from ‘Steff Hair and Makeup’ got married and did her own Makeup! So here is her wedding story, have a look at all the details and enjoy!

A brief Introduction about me and my partner would be that the both of us have been in a relationship for four years now and we did our college together at GRD, Coimbatore. We were in the same class. It all started in the mid of second year. Even before the commitment both of us made sure that we told about each other at our home after which only we actually got into the relationship. So both the families were very chilled out about our relationship but wanted us to get married soon after our college because of the duration we’d been in a relationship. So the wedding was a big news for our mutual friends our family and our seniors and juniors. 

The wedding gown was from Althea Bridals & Bespoke from Ernakulam, Kerala and I must say this place is the best place. Everything about this place is nice.

The engagement Lehenga was from a place in Commercial Street, Bangalore. I would suggest this street for anyone looking for a shopping experience with a lot of variety!

The pre wedding Crop Top and Skirt was from Chennai’s T-Nagar. This area covers almost all our shopping needs, so I would suggest anyone to have a go at the various shops here and do binge shopping! We can always mix and match them later.

The saree's were from @kalanikethan#, Sri Devi and RMKV. These three shops have such a huge range of collection, it is almost insane! I simply loved my experience in all these shops!

The gold Jewellery was from Malabar Gold and Diamonds and the other accessories were from @kushals-fashion-jewellery#.

Shopping was a big time process and we had a year gap between engagement and Wedding which helped to a great deal!

Since I'm a makeup artist myself, I decided to do my big day make-up myself! Yes, I was going through all the bridal pressure but my bridesmaids made sure that I was normal *wink wink*.

I went with different looks for all the occasions. I went for more of a Smoky eye and Dewey finish look.

Photography was done by @light-knights-photography# I need not say much about them as the picture conveys what they are capable of :) 

Deciding on one dress and accessory was very difficult as I was in a dilemma all the time. Other than that I enjoyed every bit of the wedding shopping. 

The best health and beauty care things I did and I suggest to all my clients were 'drink loads of water and eat healthy'. Consult a dermatologist if you’re having any skin related issue in the last minute instead of doing any kind of skin treatment and making it worse.

It was a fun Wedding. The whole time it was just fun and we had a surprise where my cousins brought professional dancers and the highlight was all the functions had dance and it was fun wedding with more of a young crowd. I had a pre-wedding shoot with my bridesmaids too!

For all the functions we both were very casual and were trying to tease each other; it didn't feel like our wedding. It still hasn’t hit us that we are actually married! It's like the both of us have come somewhere for a long vacation with our parent's knowledge and permission.