The Beautiful Engagement Story Of Deepika And Achu

The Beautiful Engagement Story Of Deepika And Achu

Engagement, it is that one event that gives you a glimpse of all the fun and celebration that comes later! Each engagement story is different; they have their uniqueness thanks to their protagonists! Here, we got to meet this super bubbly Deepika and her Cam Crazy Achu! She is one ball of energy and we simply loved her Engagement Story!

I'm Deepika, a lawyer from Chennai. My fiancé,  Achu is a documentary photographer/commissioned artist for BBC and National Geographic by passion and a HR by profession with an array of credits to his name. Camera, camera and camera is what keeps him going. He wouldn't settle for anything but the best (also, why he chose me *wink wink*). 

Achu and I have known each other for a few years now through a few common friends. After we got to know each other, we started chatting day and night (cliché yeah!). Time passed by in a flash and here we are. For us, it still feels like yesterday when we were introduced to each other. We are totally excited about this new chapter in our lives!! 

We got engaged in May 2016 at Mahamudra with our relatives and friends. Achu took care of the entire planning for the engagement. 

We had been to Mahamudra many a times before and thought the food and the ambience was very authentic. Instantly, we decided to have our engagement there. We had fancy entries since Mahamudra is known for its traditional ambience; to compliment it my friends wore traditional Kerala wear. We’re glad to have decided to have our engagement there. There was an exquisite array of dishes which were unique and delicious. I would like to specially thank Mohan uncle from Mahamudra for organising it in a grand manner.  

We had Yellow and Orange Marigold with Yellow lighting as the backdrop decor. The trending parrot motif made out of palm leaves was also a part of the decor.     

Keeping up with the tradition, I wore a Violet Kanchipuram saree for my engagement entry from Varamahalakshmi and a Pink Kanchipuram which my in-laws gifted me for the engagement. I got the blouse designed from Sanskritee, R.A Puram who customised it beautifully with dazzling bejewelled embellishments.    

Achu's outfit was from Manyavar, Chennai. Adding to the look, both of us adorned lotus garlands for the evening. I wore gold jewellery for the evening and my mom's antique necklace for the entry. Janani from Belle Makeover Services did my makeup.  I must say that she's a pro at it. It was very subtle and everybody loved and appreciated it.  

We had Arun anna from Arun Titan studio capture our moments from the engagement. It was a beautiful day for photos. I made a memorable piece of artwork as a guest register by having my guests leave their finger prints on a tree. All in all, it was a beautiful day that could not have gone better!