The Beautifully Organized Wedding Of Navya And Yashwanth

The Beautifully Organized Wedding Of Navya And Yashwanth

We had the opportunity to talk to our beautiful bride Navya and got to know her lovely Wedding Story! She believes in being organized and we can clearly see that because the pictures look flawless! So in her own words, this is Navya with her wedding story!

Hello! My name is Navya, I am from Hyderabad and I got married to Yashwanth on the 11th is March, 2016. Ours was a completely arranged marriage. We met with our parents but decided to meet alone to get to know each other better. I was at Hyderabad and he was at Tirupathi, so met spoke a lot on the phone and met a few times. By then, we had realized that we were going to get married! We knew it was on!

So please tell us about the Wedding! The functions before and after that!

We had a Mehendi, Sangeet, Bridal Shower, Wedding and a Reception and it was amazing! I’ll let you in on the details one by one!

Mehendi and Sangeet,

Outfit – The outfit was from this Boutique called Tenee. It is a boutique owned by my friend and we experimented with different looks before we selected the final one. She helped me pick most of my outfits. The Lehenga for the Sangeet was from Tenee as well.

Jewellery – The artificial Jewellery for the Mehendi was from the ‘House of Misu’ and the Diamond Choker was from @tibarumal-jewels-a-ram-bharos-pankaj-gupta-groupjewelrywatches#, Hyderabad. The flower jewellery was from Pelli Poo Jada.

Make-up – Sunitha from Soles, Hyderabad. She did the make-up for the Sangeet also.

Photography – The entire wedding was shot by Amar Ramesh (@studio-a#) and his team. They covered all the functions inclusive of the Pre-Wedding shoot.

Mehendi – Poonam from Hyderabad did the Mehendi for me. I loved her design and it was super fun getting it done!

Venue – SNCC for Hyderabad. They arranged the catering for the Mehendi as well. The venue for the Sangeet was Westin Hotel and the catering was done by them.

Décor – Veduka Events did the décor for all the events. They did an amazing job and we loved all the ideas they executed on the events!

Groom – Yashwanth wore an outfit from Kadambini, Hyderabad for the Mehendi and @studio-sagar-tenaliclothing#, Hyderabad for the Sangeet.

Footwear – All the footwear I wore for all my events were from an Exhibition at Hyderabad.

Bridal Shower

I wore 2 Saree’s for the Bridal shower.

Saree’s – Both were from Kancheepuram. One of the blouses was from Tenee and the other was by my neighbour. She is very interested in designing and did a great job with mine.

Makeup – was done by Anitha, Soles.

Jewellery – was from Chaganlal Gold Jewellery.


Saree - was bought from Kancheepuram

Blouse – Tenee designed the blouse

Jewellery – The  Diamond Jewellery was from TMJ

Makeup – was from Blush

Venue – Naren Convention

Décor and Catering – Veduka Events handled both of them!

Groom – He wore a mix of @studio-sagar-tenaliclothing# and Kadambini. 


Saree – The Saree was from Shyamal and Bhumika. They are one of my favourite designers and I loved this one!

Jewellery – The Diamond choker was from TMJ.

Makeup – The makeup was done by Blush. She did the make-up for my wedding also.

Venue – It took place at the Grand Ridge hotel at Tirupathi. They also did the catering for the event.

Groom – Yashwanth wore an Armani Suit for the Reception. He looked dapper in that suit!

Thank you for the details Navya! You looked gorgeous, so did you have any beauty regime that you followed?

Home remedies! I would suggest all the brides to not get tensed and stay cool. Go for trial makeup and do not leave it for the D day to experiment. Organize everything properly, and make sure everything you wear suits you!

And your Honeymoon?

We went to Greece, and it was awesome! There are so many places to see and we had a lovely time!

Any fun moments from your wedding?

Sangeet was fun! All our friends were there and it was a huge get together! There were lots of fun moments during the rehearsals and after the organized dances were done, we had a DJ night where all came in and started dancing!