The Captivating Love Story Of A Charming Couple

The Captivating Love Story Of A Charming Couple

Deepika has known her husband for years now and they got engaged on May 2016 at Mahamudra. They recently got married in March 2017 with their relatives and friends. Here is their wedding story as told by Deepika.

For a marriage to work out, you don’t need to make big gestures to show the person that you love, care or to show them that they are important to you. Just telling each other “I love you” in different ways creates a very big impact and builds up trust and confidence.

Speaking of which that is exactly what Achu and I really do. I'm a lawyer and my husband is a documentary photographer/commissioned artist for BBC and NatGeo and a HR by profession. 

We both are very lucky to have large families and a lot of friends who we really wanted to have at the wedding. We had a clear idea of how we wanted our wedding to be.  

To being with, our wedding invites were customized and designed by my best friend and we got so many excited comments after our invitations went out that really set us both on an exciting build up to the day itself.

Keeping up with the tradition, I wore silk sarees for all the occasions from @varamahalakshmi-silks#, Kanchipuram. I designed all my wedding blouses with the help of my mom’s friend, Raji aunty who recreated the blouse that I designed.

I wore an Indo western dress from @moksha-designs# for the Reception. I selected the dress relatively last minute but proved to be a great decision. My husband chose his outfit from Brooks Brothers as they understood exactly what he wanted.

I love painting and like most others I don’t find time to recreate my ideas, but when it was for my wedding, I found the time to finish the Rasaleela fabric painting which will always be special to my heart.

I decided to treat myself and have Janani from @belle-makeover# to do my make up for the day. Our wedding Garlands were created by Suresh. He is an incredibly talented florist.

My husband has known our photographer @alpheus# for years. His work is just incredibile. He captured so many moments in particular ones when you didn’t even know they were there. The picture he captured of our sparkler entry is really really special to us.

In every single image people are laughing, there’s an infectious happiness radiating from all of the guests. We didn’t want traditional photographs, we wanted natural shots that captured the raw feelings on the day and he did just that and more! Throughout the process of planning our wedding, we tried our best to stay true to our own style.

My advice for soon to be weds is to remember that it’s your day. Which means that everything from your attire to the decor reflects the person you are and your ideals. So make sure the things you do reflect you! Enjoy!