The Charismatic Photographer Vikas Alagarsamy Of ZG Studios Gets Engaged To Navya Nirmal Kumar

The Charismatic Photographer Vikas Alagarsamy Of ZG Studios Gets Engaged To Navya Nirmal Kumar

The founder of @zero-gravity#, Vikas Alagarsamy has already been a part of various happy weddings. Well, why can’t he make one for himself just about right? Here’s the story of his typical ‘parents finding him the best match’ moment.

We spoke to the bride, Navya Nirnal Kumar and she was more than a babe to have unravelled their beautiful engagement story with us.

“Vikas’ sister had spoken to my mom and then things were getting started. Once the elders fixed everything we thought we should get a chance to meet each other. Once we met we really felt that something within us connected and there started our journey.

Our engagement was on the 2nd of November 2017. It took place in Bangalore with about 250 people who consisted of just a close circle of family and friends since the wedding, that is on the 13th and 14th of December was going to be an elaborate affair.

The first saree that I wore was my mother’s wedding saree and that’s how the ritual’s always been. The blue and red saree which Vikas’ family gave me was from @pothys-boutique#, Chennai.Vikas’ suit was custom-made by Ashwin Thiyagarajan from Chennai.

My makeup was by Ravi who takes care of most makeup needs of various celebrities of the Kannada Film Industry. My hairstyle was by Nandini from his team as well. I loved my look since they replicated exactly what I had in mind. I went for a trial and explained what I was looking for and I was very much satisfied with their service.

The red ruby set was from Sri Krishna Chetty and Sons. The jewelry that Vikas’ family gave me was from Challani Jewelry, Chennai.Our engagement ring was from GRT.

Decorations were by Vermillion and photography was by @zero-gravity#. Needless to say, their services were amazing. It really makes me chuckle to review on my husband’s team’s work. It sounds to be a flattery but anyway, I must say the pictures have come out so well.

I really did not have much time to take up any beauty regime before the engagement. Although I went for a facial and a body craft. Trust me, body crafts work wonders at the last minute.